Historical Story: A closely related story

In the spring and Autumn period, Zhou Zi, the Duke of Jin Nao in the state of Jin, also known as Ji Zhou, could not stay in China because he was excluded by the clansman Duke li of Jin. When he was young, he lived in Luoyang and worked under Duke Xiang, the world Qing of the Zhou Dynasty. Duke Shan Xiang, the doctor of the king of Zhou, valued him very much and invited him to his home as a VIP.

A closely related story

Although Zhou Zi was young, he was very mature and prudent. He stood steady without frivolous behavior; When reading, he is attentive and does not squint. When listening to people, he is respectful and polite; When I speak, I always remember loyalty, filial piety, benevolence and righteousness; Always very friendly and harmonious when dealing with people and things; Although he was in Zhoudi, he was worried when he heard about the disaster in his motherland, Jin; I was very happy when I heard of any festive events in the state of Jin. All these performances, Shan Xianggong saw in his eyes and was happy in his heart. He thought that he must have great prospects in the future and had great hope to return to the state of Jin to be a good monarch. Therefore, Duke Shan Xiang showed more concern and care for Zhou Zi. Soon, there was a civil strife in Jin. Duke li of Jin, who had been afraid of losing power and excluded the Royal childe, was killed. So the doctor of the state of Jin sent someone to Luoyang to take Zhou Zi back and let him be the king of the state of Jin.

Closely related means: it describes a close relationship and benefits.

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