Historical Story: A story of collapse

King Zhou of Shang Dynasty was the last monarch of Shang Dynasty. He was a tyrannical tyrant. He was greedy for wine and lust and indulged in debauchery. He spent all day drinking and drinking, seeking pleasure and ignoring the government.

He listens to slander, reuses treacherous officials, maims loyal and good people, and kills innocent people. He forcibly collects huge sums of money and forces the people to build palaces for himself. He is inhumane and creates all kinds of torture to enjoy watching people’s pain after being tortured. Under his rule, the people complained and suffered.

A story of collapse

Although the territory of the Shang Dynasty was vast, from the East China Sea on the left to the uninhabited desert on the right, from Jiaozhi in the south of the five mountains to Youzhou in the north, the army was stationed at leisurely pass to pushui. There were no fewer than tens of thousands of soldiers, but when they fought, because they were unwilling to die for King Zhou, they “shot at the arrow” and threw their weapons aside. The morale of the Shang army was so low that the Shang regime was naturally in jeopardy.

Therefore, when King Wu of Zhou came unstoppably with a halberd decorated with gold in his left hand and a white flag decorated with yak tail in his right hand, he was invincible everywhere. The defeat of King Zhou’s army and the collapse of King Zhou’s regime in Shang Dynasty were like the fragmentation of tiles and the collapse of mud.

Collapse means that it is as uncontrollable as the collapse of soil and the breaking of tiles. Metaphor: complete collapse.

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