Chinese folk story: Mulan joined the army

During the Northern Wei Dynasty, there was a general named Hua arc. He was seriously injured in the war and went back to his hometown to recuperate. Hua arc has three children, the eldest daughter Hua Mulan and the second daughter Hua Mulan. The youngest child is a son named Hua Xiong.

Hua Mulan was lively and active since childhood. She pestered her father and learned a lot of martial arts. She practiced Kung Fu hard every day. Gradually, even her father Hua arc was not her opponent.

Mulan joined the army

This year, Mulan was seventeen years old. She grew into a beautiful girl. Her martial arts were more refined. A gun in her hand made her superb.

One day, my father took Mulan’s sister and brother out hunting. Mulan drew a bow and shot an arrow. There was no empty shot. After a while, she shot down several geese. Hua arc smiled happily and narrowed his eyes. Hua Xiong, the youngest son, also happily followed his sister to pick up wild geese.

With wild geese, his brother Huaxiong shouted to eat fish, so huaarc took him and Mulan to the river to fish. They sat on the river bank, fishing and enjoying the scenery of the river bank. Soon, the fish took the bait“ Oh! This is really a big fish! ” Hua arc looked at the fish and said happily.

Huaxiong saw him and said happily, “let’s take it home and let sister Mulan cook delicious fish for us!”

Mulan looked at the sky. It was getting dark, so she smiled and said to her brother, “you greedy cat. But, okay. It’s getting late now. It’s time to go home. My mother and sister are still waiting for us at home. ” So huaarc packed up his fishing gear, took his two children and went home with the wild geese and fish he had caught. As soon as they reached the entrance of the village, their wife yuan and their eldest daughter Hua Mulan came out to meet them. The family walked home with a smile.

At this time, there was a sudden sound of horse hoofs in the distance. Hua arc was surprised and thought, “I heard that the imperial court is going to fight Rouran people recently. Is it the afternoon of the war?”

Sure enough, the war horse stopped in front of the flower house, and the messenger shouted: “flower arc! Flower arc, catch the war! ”

Hua arc hurried up and took over the battle with trembling hands. The messenger told Hua arc to prepare early, then jumped on the war horse and hurried to the distance.

“Dad, is Rouran really going to attack us in the Northern Wei Dynasty?” Mulan took over the afternoon question from her father.

“Yes.” Hua arc murmured, “Dad, I’m going back to the battlefield again.”

“But your injury is not all right.” His wife Yuan said anxiously, “besides, you haven’t fought a war for so many years and you’re old again. Can you not go?”

“How can that work! I’m a soldier. I can’t escape! ” Hua arc said seriously, then hurriedly picked up the gun and practiced the shooting method excitedly. Unexpectedly, after waving for a while, he was out of breath and his legs hurt. The wounded leg on the battlefield has been changing from good to bad in recent years. Sometimes it even walks a little lame.

Now Hua arc hesitated. When he was on the battlefield, let alone killing the enemy and doing meritorious deeds, it was obvious that he was going to die, which would damage the military prestige of the Northern Wei Dynasty!

The matter dragged on like this, but the military situation was urgent. In a few days, the afternoon kept coming. The huaarc family were so worried that they couldn’t even eat. Mulan felt very uncomfortable when she saw this situation. How can we keep Dad from going to war? Mulan thought about it and finally decided to join the army for her father!

Early the next morning, Mulan went out quietly. She bought a white horse, a new saddle, and a suit of armor. She dressed up as a man and went home.

“Is general Hua at home?” Mulan pretended to knock on the door and asked.

“The little hero is…” Hua arc looked at the young man at the door and couldn’t help but exclaim: “what a spiritual young man, he was just himself in those years.” I don’t know why, Hua arc has a special liking for this young man.

“Oh, uncle Hua, I’m Wang Fei, the son of Wang Yun, your former comrade in arms. I’ll go to war for my father and come to your house by the way. ” The young man saluted the flower arc and said.

Wang Yun was a good friend of Hua arc during the war. Hua arc told Mulan their stories more than once. Therefore, Hua arc was convinced and warmly welcomed Wang Fei home. Wang Fei asked this and that. Wang Fei answered the questions raised by Hua arc one by one. Hua arc asked about martial arts and art of war, and Wang Fei answered them all fluently. Hua arc was so happy that he patted Wang Fei on the shoulder and praised him: “if I had a son like you, I would wake up with a smile.”

“Do you have to have a son? Not my daughter? ” Wang Fei suddenly changed his tone and took off his hat in anger. Oh, Hua arc, it’s her own girl Mulan standing in front of her.

That’s good. Mulan said that her father was biased and favored sons over daughters. She also said that her parents, sisters and brothers didn’t see that she was a woman. She must have no problem fighting for her father. Father Hua was speechless by Mulan. Seeing Mulan’s persistence, he had to say nothing.

The river is rushing north. The wind in late autumn is blowing. Now it has the smell of winter. Mulan said goodbye to her parents and siblings. Everyone was crying and reluctant to part. Mulan endured her tears, rode on her horse, waved her whip and walked away without looking back.

Mulan and her fellow countrymen ran all the way and soon came to the Bank of the Yellow River. The muddy Yellow River roared and rolled forward. Mulan looked at the surging river and suddenly felt that it had increased a lot of pride.

Along the way, Mulan met several comrades in arms, and they became very good friends. This day, it’s time to cook again, but those men don’t understand this. No, they’re asking Mulan for help again.

“Brother Hua, come and help.” They were already dizzy with smoke.

“Oh, here it is.” Mulan hurried to help them cook.

It’s strange. She took a piece of firewood and blew it gently, and the fire started.

“It’s really yours, brother Hua.” Another comrade in arms patted Mulan on the shoulder and praised him.

“Hey, look at brother Hua’s delicate appearance. If you don’t know, you think it’s a girl. Don’t mention making a fire to cook. Maybe you can even weave and sew clothes. ” Another comrade in arms laughed and said.

“What’s wrong with being able to weave and sew clothes?” Mulan stared and asked, “what’s the matter with the girl? When you fight outside, the clothes and shoes you wear are made for you by girls. ”

Now the comrades in arms have nothing to say. They think of their mother and wife far away. It’s not easy for them to do housework!

After a night’s rest by the Yellow River, the soldiers left camp and walked north. The road became more and more desolate, the weather became colder and colder, and they were closer and closer to Rouran. On the way, they saw the deserted crops and the people with ragged clothes and begging with crutches. They were full of hatred for the soft people. They wanted to rush to the battlefield immediately and kill all the greedy people.

The war began. Mulan rushed to the front and killed the enemy bravely. Her bravery was soon appreciated by the marshal. He promoted Mulan as a small leader. Mulan used the method of military deployment from primary school to the battlefield. Sure enough, she won several battles in a row. Hua Mulan’s name resounded all over the military camp. Even Rouran people knew that there was a beautiful Hua young general in the Northern Wei Dynasty. He was brave in battle and familiar with military books. He was very resourceful.

The Northern Wei people advanced step by step, and the Rouran people retreated step by step, withdrawing from the land they seized and returning the slaves they robbed. After twelve years of war, Rouran was finally defeated. Mulan, they can win the Hui dynasty!

When the army returned to the capital, the marshal strongly recommended Hua Mulan to Emperor Taiwu. Emperor Taiwu was very happy to see the young and handsome Hua Mulan and ordered to seal Hua Mulan as a minister.

Mulan was worried as soon as she heard it. She begged and said, “emperor, Mulan has not been filial to her parents for many years. Now the war is over. Please grant Mulan’s wish and let her minister go home to accompany her parents.”

Of course, Emperor Taiwu refused to lose this promising general, but Hua Mulan begged again and again. Emperor Taiwu had to agree to Hua Mulan’s request.

Many soldiers who followed Hua Mulan also asked to return to the countryside. They held Hua Mulan and returned to Hua Jiazhuang. The huaarc family heard that Mulan had come back and greeted them at the entrance of the village early. When they saw Mulan, they all shed tears of joy.

Mulan asked her comrades in arms to have a rest in the hall. She went back to her room, took off her hat, combed her soft black hair, put on the girl’s favorite headdress again, put on a beautiful skirt, walked out of the door and looked at her former partners with a smile.

“Is this general Hua’s sister?” My comrades in arms are very curious. What’s the matter? Why do you think this girl looks like general Hua?

“I am Hua Mulan!” Mulan mischievously shouted out the names of her comrades in arms one by one with her previous voice.

“Ah!” The comrades in arms were shocked. It was general Hua’s voice, but how did he become a daughter?

Hua arc told everyone the secret of Mulan’s acting father joining the army. Since then, the story of the heroine Hua Mulan has spread all over the world.

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