Chinese Historical: A penniless story

Mozi was a great thinker in the standing state period and the founder of Mohist School: he advocated “universal love” and opposed war.

Almost at the same time as Mozi, there was a philosopher named Yang Zhu who opposed Mozi’s “universal love”, advocated “valuing life” and “valuing oneself”, attached importance to the preservation of personal life, opposed the invasion of others and their own invasion of others.

A penniless story

Once, Li Huali, a student of Mozi, asked Yang Zhu, “if pulling a hair from you can benefit people all over the world, will you do it?”

“The problem of people in the world can never be solved by pulling out a hair!”

Li Huali said, “if you can, will you?”

Yang Zhumo did not answer.

Mencius, another great thinker and representative of Confucianism at that time, spoke to Yang Zhu and Mozi

He commented: “Yang Zi advocated ‘for me’. Even pulling a hair from him can make heaven

He would not do anything if his servants benefited, and Mozi advocated “universal love” as long as it was beneficial to all people in the world,

Even if he polished his head and broke his feet, he was willing. ”

Being stingy and selfish.

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