Chinese Historical Story: A blockbuster story

In the Warring States period, there was a man named Chunyu Kun in the state of Qi. His eloquence is very good and he can speak very well. He often uses some interesting argots to persuade the monarch, so that the monarch is not only not angry, but also willing to accept it.

At that time, the king of Qi was originally a very intelligent monarch. However, after he ascended the throne, he was addicted to wine and sex. Regardless of national affairs, he only knew how to drink and have fun every day, and handed over all the proper and serious affairs to the ministers, but he ignored them. Therefore, the politics was not on track, the officials were corrupt and derelict, and the princes of all countries took the opportunity to invade, which made the state of Qi on the verge of extinction.

A blockbuster story

Although some patriotic people in the state of Qi were worried, they were afraid of the king of Qi, so no one came out to advise.

In fact, Qiwei royal family is a very smart person. He likes to speak some argots to show his wisdom. Although he doesn’t like to listen to other people’s advice, he will accept it if the advice is right. Knowing this, Chunyu Kun thought of a plan and prepared to find an opportunity to advise king Qi Wei.

One day, Chunyu Kun saw king Qi Wei and said to him, “king, there is a riddle for Chen. Please guess it: his state-owned juice bird has lived in the king’s court for three years, but he neither flutters his wings nor has a name. He just curls up aimlessly. King, guess what bird is this?”

King Wei of Qi was a wise man. He knew that Chunyu Kun was satirizing himself. Like the big bird, as the Reverend of a country, he did nothing but enjoy himself. He was no longer a foolish king, so after meditating for a while, he resolutely decided to change, cheer up and do something vigorous. Therefore, he said to Chun Yu Kun:

“Well, this big bird, you don’t know, if it doesn’t fly, it will already, and it won’t rush to the sky. If it doesn’t sing, it will already, and if it cries, it will alarm the people. Wait and see!”

From then on, King Wei of Qi no longer indulged in drinking and fun, but began to rectify Guozheng. First, he summoned officials from all over the country and rewarded those who were loyal and responsible; Those who are corrupt and incompetent will be punished. As a result, the whole country soon cheered up and was full of vitality everywhere.

On the other hand, he also began to rectify the military, use powerful force and lay the prestige of the country. After hearing the news, the princes of all countries were shocked. They not only did not dare to invade again, but even returned the land they had occupied to the state of Qi.

This act of king Qi Wei is really a “blockbuster”!

So later people used the idiom “blockbuster” to mean that if a person has extraordinary talents, as long as he can make good use of them, he often has amazing achievements once he plays them out.

The meaning of a blockbuster is: a metaphor for making amazing achievements without outstanding performance at ordinary times.

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