Chinese Historical Story: A critical story

Han Yu, who was born in Nanyang, Dengzhou, in the Tang Dynasty, was a great writer at that time. He advocated that prose should carry Taoism, take retro as the revolution, and use prose instead of parallel prose, which had a great impact on that time and future generations. Therefore, Wen contributed to the decline of eight generations. He was very opposed to Buddhism. Tang Xianzong sent envoys to welcome Buddha bones into the dynasty. He expressed remonstrance, offended the emperor, and was demoted to Chaozhou as an official assassin, He met an old monk in Chaozhou. The monk is smart and reasonable and can talk with Han Yu very well. Han Yu has few friends in Chaozhou, so he has close contacts with the monk. Therefore, it is said that Han Yu also believes in Buddhism.

A critical story

His friend Meng Jiao, who was the Minister of justice at that time, was the most Buddhist. In order to offend emperor Xianzong, he was relegated to Jizhou. After arriving in Jizhou, he also heard people’s legend that Han Yu had believed in Buddhism. He was a little confused because he knew that Han Yu was the most powerful person against faith. Therefore, he specially wrote a letter to ask Han Yu.

After Han Yu received Meng Jidao’s letter, he knew that he had contacts with the monk, which caused a misunderstanding. He immediately wrote back to Meng Jidao to explain. Moreover, Han Yu greatly criticized a group of Ministers who believed in Buddhism, did not abide by Confucianism and Taoism, and blindly used superstition to confuse the emperor. He was indignant that the emperor alienated the sages and made Confucianism and Taoism fall. In the letter, there are such words: “hundreds of holes and thousands of sores, with chaos and loss, the total danger is like a critical moment…”

This is a metaphor for a thing that is extremely dangerous, like a hair tied with a thousand kilograms. Now ordinary people often use this sentence to describe the most dangerous things they encounter.

It means that the situation is extremely critical.

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