Chinese Historical Story: A eloquent story

In the Jin Dynasty, there was a university journalist named Guo Xiang with the word Zixuan.

A eloquent story

When he was young, he was already a very talented man. In particular, he can pay attention to some phenomena in daily life, and then calmly think about the truth. Therefore, he is very knowledgeable and often has unique views on things. Later, he devoted himself to studying the theories of Lao Tzu and Zhuangzi, and had a deep understanding of their theories.

After a few years, the imperial court sent people to invite him again and again. He really couldn’t refuse, so he had to agree and became a Huangmen waiting Lang in the court. When he arrived in the capital, because he had rich knowledge, he could speak clearly about everything. In addition, he was very eloquent and liked to express his opinions very much. Therefore, whenever people listened to him, they felt interested.

At that time, there was a Taiwei Wang Yan who appreciated Guo Xiang’s eloquence very much. He often praised Guo Xiang in front of others and said, “listening to Guo Xiang’s words is like an upside down river, pouring down endlessly and never drying up.” from this we can see Guo Xiang’s eloquence.

Eloquence means to talk endlessly, like a waterfall. The description can be said and distinguished, but it’s not over.

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