Chinese Historical Story: A folk story of Di Qing’s divination

Di Qing was a great general of the Song Dynasty. He was born in a humble family. He always had the symbol stabbed when he was a soldier on his face. At that time, Emperor Renzong said, you are already a senior general of the imperial court. You can remove the mark on your face. But di Qing refused, saying that keeping it can inspire rustic spirit! Once, di Qing led an army to fight against Nong Zhigao. The army passed by a big temple on the side of Chengnan Avenue in Guilin. Someone told him that the Bodhisattva in this temple is said to be very effective.

A folk story of Di Qing's divination

As soon as di Qing heard this, on a whim, he ordered the troops to stop moving and go into the temple to pray in person. After burning incense and praying, di Qing took out a hundred copper coins from the bag, held them in his hand, made a wish for divination in front of the Bodhisattva, and said, “I threw these 100 coins on the ground. If they are all face up, it proves that this expedition will be a great victory.” In the past, copper coins usually had prayer words on the front and patterns on the back. Now it is almost impossible to throw 100 copper coins face up. But di Qing wants to do divination. Isn’t it too risky? If we can’t do it, won’t we shake the morale of the army? The people around Di Qing were anxious and came forward to dissuade them one after another, but di Qing didn’t listen.

In full view of the public, di Qing held her breath and leisurely threw all the copper money out. My soldiers went to have a closer look. Hey! God, a hundred copper coins all face up. In an instant, the people inside and outside the temple were excited, the soldiers cheered in unison, and the military power was greatly boosted. Di Qing was also happy and immediately ordered his men to take 100 iron nails and nail the copper coins to the ground according to the position where the copper coins fell to the ground. Then he covered it with a big green gauze cage, protected it, and warned the temple not to touch it. Then he prayed in front of the Bodhisattva and said, “when the army returns, thank God again for taking money.” After that, di Qing turned over and got on his horse. Xiong Zhao went. He was very angry and set off. This is indeed invincible, with good news. The army returned to the division in triumph and passed the temple. At this time, di Qingcai summoned the generals and friends around him to watch the magical copper coin. This summer, everyone suddenly realized that these 100 pieces were specially made copper coins, with words on both sides. As a result, everyone admires Di Qing’s wisdom even more.

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