Chinese Historical Story: A magnificent story

Zhao Ding, Minister of the Southern Song Dynasty, was born in poverty. He lost his father at the age of four and grew up under his mother’s upbringing and education. At the age of 21, he was admitted as a Jinshi in the examination. When he was an official, he dared to criticize dignitaries. He was appreciated by Prime Minister Wu Min and was transferred to the capital Kaifeng.

In the winter of 1125, the northern kingdom of Jin sent troops to invade the south. The fall of Taiyuan the following year seriously threatened the security of the Song Dynasty. The faint and cowardly song qinzong panicked and hurriedly convened the Minister of civil and military affairs to discuss countermeasures.

A magnificent story

Some ministers who are greedy for life and fear death advocate ceding land and seeking peace from the state of Jin. Zhao Ding’s views are different from those of these ministers. He said, “how can the land left by our ancestors be handed over to others? I hope your majesty will never consider this opinion! ”

However, the emperor was very afraid of Bojin soldiers and was determined to bend his knees and surrender and cede the great mountains and rivers. When Jin Jun’s envoys came to negotiate, they asked to cede all the land north of the Yellow River to Jin. Qin Zong dared not disobey, but agreed to Jin Jun’s request.

However, the rulers of the kingdom of Jin were not satisfied. They ordered the troops to continue. At the end of this year, Jin Bing arrived at the foot of Kaifeng City. The timid emperor qinzong went to the Jin camp to beg for surrender before the Jin army broke.

Soon, the commander of Jin Bing detained the emperor qinzong and asked his subordinates to plunder in the city. Then he took the emperor qinzong and his father Huizong as prisoners and returned to the kingdom of Jin together with a large amount of gold and silver treasures. The Northern Song Dynasty perished.

Soon, Zhao Gou, King Kang, the younger brother of emperor qinzong, established the Southern Dynasty in Nanjing, known as Gaozu of Song Dynasty. In the early days of song Gaozu’s accession to the throne, a number of Ministers of the main war faction were appointed, including Zhao Ding.

Qin Hui, a former prime minister, was the leader of the moderates and was dismissed for forming a party and exercising dictatorship. Zhao Ding is very alert to him. He once told people that if this person is successful, our door will have no place to stand.

Unexpectedly, later Qin Hui was appointed prime minister again. Knowing that Gaozong only wanted to settle in the south of the Yangtze River instead of sincerely resisting Jin, he tried his best to instigate Gaozong to make peace with the whole country. Zhao Ding naturally opposed him. Therefore, Qin Hui often spoke ill of Zhao Ding in front of Gaozong, which gradually made Gaozong lose trust in him. Later, Gaozong finally demoted him to other places to become an official.

When Zhao Ding left Beijing, Qin Hui hypocritically saw him off. But Zhao Ding didn’t appreciate it. He just looked at him contemptuously, arched his hands and left. To this end, Qin Hui hated Zhao Ding even more, transferred him further and further, and finally relegated him to zhuya. Zhao Ding has lived in zhuya for three years. His acquaintances dare not visit him. Life is very difficult. Knowing his situation, Qin Hui thought he could not live long, so he asked the local officials to report to him every month whether he was still alive.

At the age of 62, Zhao Ding finally fell seriously ill. Before he died, he called his son to his bed and said, “Qin Hui wants to kill me. If I don’t die, he may poison you; Only when I die can I stop bothering you! ”

Then he asked his son to take an inscription and write a line on it. It means: I ride a dustpan and two stars back to heaven. My spirit exists in this dynasty like mountains and rivers. A few days later, Zhao Ding died without food.

Majestic mountains and rivers mean: it describes the heroic spirit, which makes the mountains and rivers of the motherland more magnificent.

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