Chinese Historical Story: A meticulous story

In the Ming Dynasty, the emperor banned the slaughter of cattle, even those who believed in Islam.

One day, squire Zhang Jingzhai and Ju Ren Fan Jin made an appointment to visit Tang Feng, the magistrate of Gaoyao county. Tangzhi County bought wine to entertain them. During the dinner, an old man sent to Tangzhi County 50 Jin of beef he put together with several other Muslim people. Tangzhi county has always taken bribes, and he is also a Muslim, but there is a ban on it. For a moment, I don’t know whether to accept this gift. So he asked Zhang Jingzhai, “you have been an official. You should discuss the prohibition of slaughtering farm cattle with you. Just now, in order to open the ban, several Muslims sent 50 Jin of beef and asked me to be a little more lenient to them. Do you think you want to accept it or not? ”

A meticulous story

Zhang Jingzhai shook his head and said, “this must not be used. You and I are all officials. We should only have the emperor in mind. Where can we care about people who believe in the same religion? Think of Mr. Liu (referring to Liu Bowen) asked by Hong wunian; When Hong Wu visited his house privately, it happened that King Zhang of Jiangnan (referring to Zhang Shicheng) sent a vegetable jar When I opened it to my face, it was a jar of gold. The emperor was very angry. The next day, he demoted Mr. Liu as the magistrate of Qingtian County. Later, he poisoned him with poison.

Seeing that Zhang Jingzhai was right, Tang Zhi county couldn’t help believing it, so he hurried to ask for advice on how to deal with it. Zhang Jingzhai said, “Uncle Shi can make a big fuss about this matter. Catch the old man, beat him dozens of boards, and then use a big flail. Pile the beef on the big flail, and put a notice next to it to show that they are bold and reckless, know the law and break the law. If your boss knows that you are so meticulous, you can get a promotion and make a fortune. ”

Tang Zhixian nodded: “very reasonable.” So it was done.

Meticulous means to do things carefully and not sloppy at all.

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