Chinese Historical Story: A natural story

After the death of Ji GUI, king of Zhou Jing in 520 BC, Ji Jing, the son of his wife, succeeded to the throne. However, King Jing had discussed with the doctor bin Meng before his death, and planned to make Ji Chao, the eldest son born to his wife Fei Zheng, the son of the world. In this way, Ji Chao is also qualified to succeed to the throne. Therefore, the Zhou royal family had a fierce dispute over the throne.

In this case, the Duke of Jin Qinggong convened representatives of various vassal states to discuss how to use Royal peace in Heitu League. Zhao Yang of Jin, Yu Ji of Zheng and Le Da Xin of song participated in the discussion.

A natural story

At the meeting, Zhao Yang of Jin asked you Ji of Zheng about “ceremony”.

You Ji replied, “when the Zichan doctor of our country was alive, he once said that ceremony is the Sutra of heaven and the righteousness of earth, that is, the principle stipulated by heaven and the justice implemented by the earth! It is the basis for the actions of the people and cannot be changed or doubted. ”

Zhao Yang was very satisfied with you Ji’s answer and said that we must keep this truth in mind. Most of the representatives of other vassal states were also justified.

Then, Zhao Yang proposed that all the vassal states should fully support King Jing, provide him with soldiers, food and grass, and help him move the royal family back to the king’s city.

Later, the doctors of the state of Jin led the armies of the vassal states to help king Jing restore his throne and end the struggle for the throne of the Zhou royal family.

It means absolutely correct and unchangeable truth. It also means something taken for granted.

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