Chinese Historical Story: A nominal story

One day, uncle Xiang, a doctor in the state of Jin, went to visit his old friend Han xuanzi. Han xuanzi was one of the six ministers of Jin at that time, and his position was very high. But when he saw Uncle Xiang, he kept sighing and saying that he was poor. Unexpectedly, my uncle stood up and congratulated him. Han xuanzi asked, “I have Qing’s name, but without Qing’s reality, I can’t compare with the doctors. I’m worried about it.

A nominal story

Why do you congratulate me? ” The uncle said to him, “I came to congratulate you because you are poor! Poverty is not necessarily a bad thing; You just need to recall the experience of the three generations of chess and martial arts, you can know“ Uncle Xiang knew that Han xuanzi knew the different experiences of the three generations of yiwuzi, so he specially mentioned it. Finally, he said, “I think you are as poor as a martial arts player. I think you have his virtue, so I congratulate you. Otherwise, I will only worry. How can I congratulate you again? ” After hearing uncle Xiang’s words, Han xuanzi immediately dissipated his sadness, saluted uncle Xiang and said, “thank you for your advice, or I don’t even know that I will perish.”

Name without reality means: just having an empty name is not like that.

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