Chinese Historical Story: A preemptive story

Sima Hua Fei Zhu of the state of song had three sons: Hua Qu, Hua duoliao and Hua Deng. Hua duoliao won the trust of the monarch song Yuangong, so he often talked about the bad work of the two brothers in front of him. After Huadeng was forced to flee abroad, he framed Huaqu in front of Duke yuan, saying that he intended to accept the fugitives.

 A preemptive story

The Duke of song and Yuan Dynasty could not stand the repeated provocation of Hua’s many bureaucrats, so he sent someone to inform Hua Feizhu and asked him to expel Hua Qu. Hua Feizhu knew that Hua duoliao had done this and wanted to kill him, but he had to carry out the order of Duke yuan, ready to ask Hua Qu to hunt, and then send him away. Huaqu learned that this was a bad thing done by huaduoliao. He wanted to kill him, but his uncle’s father was sad and decided to flee. Before leaving, Huaqu planned to say goodbye to his father. Unexpectedly, I met Hua duoliao in the imperial court. For a moment, he and his attendants killed huaduoliao and called the fugitives to rebel against the state of song. Duke yuan asked Wu Zhiming of Qi to help guard the city. In the winter of that year, Huadeng, who was fleeing, led an army of the state of Wu to support Huaqu’s attack on the state of song.

Seeing that Huadeng’s team was about to arrive, a doctor named Zi said to Wu Zhiming: there are such words in ancient books: attacking the enemy first can destroy the enemy’s local atmosphere; Attack the enemy back and wait for their morale to collapse. Why not attack when Walden’s army is tired and unstable? If the enemy has come and is stable, there will be more of them, and then we will regret it. ” Wu Zhiming followed Pu’s advice. As a result, the Allied forces of song and Qi defeated Wu and captured two generals. However, Hua Deng led Yu Bu to defeat song Jun. When the Duke of song and Yuan wanted to escape, Zi stopped him and said, “I’m a villain. I can die for the king, but I can’t escort you to escape. Please wait for the king.”

Zi said this, while patrolling, he shouted to the sergeants: “it’s the king’s soldiers, so he waved the flag:” the sergeants waved the flag according to his words. The Duke of song and Yuan Dynasty also bravely visited the city and said to the sergeants, “it’s a shame for everyone that the country is defeated and the monarch is dead. It’s not just my fault. Let’s fight to the death!” Wu Zhiming ordered the sergeants to fight with the rebels with their swords. Qi Jun and Song Jun attacked Walden together. Walden couldn’t support it and retreated step by step. Zi rushed to the front and stabbed Walden. He cut off his head and wrapped it in his robe. While running, he shouted, “I killed Walden! I killed Walden!”

Preemptive means: first publicize your momentum to overwhelm the other party. It’s also a metaphor for being one step ahead of others.

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