Chinese Historical Story: A sad and beautiful love story between Xiang Yu and Yu Ji

Some people say that Xiang Yu and Yu Ji are made for each other. Both the Xiang family and the Yu family were aristocrats of the state of Chu. After Qin Shihuang destroyed Chu, they moved to Suqian County, Jiangsu Province to live in seclusion. Xiang Yu and Yu Wei grew up together and became friends of Qin and Jin.

Shortly after Yu Ji married Xiang Yu, the peasant uprising in the late Qin Dynasty led by Chen Sheng and Wu Guang began. Xiang Yu and his uncle Xiang Liang also set up a banner of righteousness with 8000 soldiers. Xiang Yu began his tense military life, fighting in the South and North day and night. As the wife of Yu Ji, she followed the army wherever Xiang Yu fought. The situation on the battlefield changed rapidly. First, the rebel forces of Chen Sheng and Wu Guang developed rapidly and were invincible. The main forces entered Guanzhong and hit a place only dozens of miles away from Xianyang, the capital of the state of Qin. Xianyang city is under siege, and the situation is extremely critical; But soon, under the leadership of Zhang Han, the Qin army fought back and quickly reversed the war situation. Wu Guang failed in Xingyang, Chen Sheng was killed in Chen County, and Xiang Liang died in Dingtao.

A sad and beautiful love story between Xiang Yu and Yu Ji

Whenever Xiang Yu fought hard outside, Yu Ji would stay in the tent. Xiang Yu came back and was always worried about the war on the front line. One day when Xiang Yu came back, Yu Ji hurriedly welcomed him into the account. However, seeing that Xiang Yu described him as tired, in a hurry and in a state of distress, he knew that there was something bad, unlike the heroic spirit of winning back in the past. When Xiang Yu sat down and gasped slightly, he took a smiling face, whispered and carefully asked about the war ahead. When she heard the news of Xiang Liang’s death, she couldn’t help losing her color and was very sad, but she didn’t dare to show a panic look on her face for fear of provoking Xiang Yu’s troubles. She quickly ordered people to put on the prepared wine and food, and took advantage of the good wine to relieve Xiang Yu’s boredom. At this time, she can only swallow the sad tears secretly.

In this way, when Xiang Yu took the lead in the war, she encouraged him, placed deep hopes on him and blessed his safe return; When Xiang Yu returned to camp triumphantly, she congratulated him with dancing, tenderness and charm; When Xiang Yu encountered setbacks, she comforted him with the words “victory and defeat is a common thing in strategists”; She even wore war boots, embroidered armor and rode with Xiang Yu to charge in the array as his strong backing. With this powerful spiritual pillar, Xiang Yu became more brave and invincible.

In the battle of Julu, King Huai of Chu sent Song Yi and Xiang Yu with a large army to rescue Chen Yu. As the saying goes, saving soldiers is like fighting a fire. However, the Lord general Song Yi was afraid of the forces of the state of Qin and delayed. Xiang Yu was angry and killed Song Yi and led the army across the river. Xiang Yu broke the boat and threatened to prepare only three days of food to show the whole army that there is life or death in this battle. In the battle between Julu and the Qin army, Xiang Yu’s men and horses fought bravely with one as ten. The voice moved heaven and earth, and Xiang Yu broke the Qin army. After the battle of Julu, Xiang Yu has become the leader of all the vassal armies and the general of the vassal. All the vassal armies participating in the battle of Julu are under his command. He is willing to obey his orders and has been marching with him to the West. Then he killed the 200000 Qin troops who had surrendered and led the army to Xianyang.

After the fall of Qin Dynasty, Xiang Yu established himself as the overlord of Western Chu. He enfews meritorious people from all walks of life, either as kings or Hou, and Yu Ji is also called a beauty. At that time, the emperor’s inner palace was divided into empress, wife, beauty, lover, eight sons, seven sons, long envoy and less envoy. Xiang Yu claimed to be the overlord of Western Chu, which was naturally lower than the emperor. It was a relatively high name to seal Yu Wei with “beauty”. Since then, the name of beauty Yu has spread

Xiang Yu is a grumpy man, but he is also a single-minded man. He has always loved beauty Yu, which has become a good story in history. After Liu Bang entered Xianyang, Xiang Yu followed him in and set fire to Afang palace. He collected gold and silver treasures from the palace of the Qin Dynasty and transported them all to Pengcheng, his base. However, he dismissed all hundreds of beautiful women in Afang palace, just to please beauty Yu.

Liu Bang and Xiang Yu fought between the dragon and the tiger as two branches of the rebel army. At the beginning of the war, Xiang Yu had an absolute advantage. Later, because of his weak benevolence and kindness to the enemy, Xiang Yu was gradually at a disadvantage. In the fourth year of the struggle between Chu and Han, Xiang Yu and Liu Bang’s General Han Xin launched a fierce battle under the ridge, which is the famous “battle under the ridge” in history. In the center of the tent, beauty Yu jumped with fear and waited for Xiang Yu’s return. Xiang Yu came back. This time, he won Han Xin’s ambush. Although he relied on a painted halberd, Zhong limi and Ji Bu worked hard to help each other, killed layer after layer of Han soldiers, made a way of blood and escaped, he had lost 80% of his men and horses. It was the first time since he started the army that he had failed like this. The Han Army surrounded Xiang Yu’s camp, and Han Xin in the Han camp also compiled a Chu song to teach sergeants to sing in harmony outside the Chu camp. The lyrics were sad and miserable, so that the defeated Chu soldiers all missed their distant hometown. For a time, they had no fighting spirit and fled one after another under the cover of night. The overlord of Chu couldn’t sleep at night. He sat in the military tent and drank. At that time, in the face of his beloved beauty Yu Ji and the steed galloping on the battlefield with him for many years, Overlord Chu recalled the past and felt a lot of emotion. He couldn’t help singing:

Pull out the mountain, Qi is unparalleled, time is unfavorable, Zhui never dies;

Zhui never dies, but what can I do? What can I do!

Xiang Yu knew that his demise was inevitable, and his career was about to disappear. He had no nostalgia, no regret and no sigh. His only worry was the fate and future of his beloved Yu Meimei, who often accompanied him in the East and West. There is no doubt that after his death, the fate of Yu Meimei will be very tragic, so she sang “Yu Xi, Yu qunai how!” Eternal elegy.

Beauty Yu was listening, sobbing and chanting:

The Han soldiers have been slightly besieged on all sides

Your majesty is exhausted. How can I make a living!

Those confidants and courtiers who had not dispersed were there. They couldn’t help but cry out. At this time, the drum beat five times in the camp. Xiang Yu turned back and said to Yu Meimei, “the sky will understand. I should risk my life to break out of the siege. What will you do?” At this time, Xiang Yu said he couldn’t let beauty Yu break through together. Although Yu Ji is loved by Xiang Yu and is inseparable from Xiang Yu, she also understands Xiang Yu best. In order not to embarrass Xiang Yu, he said to Xiang Yu, “my concubine lives with the king and dies with the king. May the king take care of his future!” As soon as she turned around, she suddenly pulled out her sword from Xiang Yu’s waist and crossed her neck. In this way, she died. Xiang Yu stroked the corpse and burst into tears. He ordered people to dig a pit and bury Yu Ji. He stepped on the war horse and fought out of the siege. But after all, he did not escape the pursuit of the Han soldiers. He had nowhere to escape by the Wujiang River and committed suicide by the river. Xiang Yu was only 31 years old this year.

Liu Bang later buried beauty Yu with ceremony. Later, a rare beautiful flower grew in the blood stained place of Yu Ji. In order to commemorate the beautiful, amorous and soft hearted Yu Ji, people called this unknown flower “Yu Mei”. The name has been handed down to this day.

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