Chinese Historical Story: A story of arrogance

In the early years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Liu Xiu became emperor and was called Emperor Guangwu. At that time, although the political power had been established, the world had not yet been unified. All powerful forces, relying on their own troops, dominated each side and governed their own affairs. Among all the great powers, Gongsun Shu is the most powerful.

A story of arrogance

He became emperor in Chengdu. To this end, Kan clamor, who sought hegemony in Longxi, sent Ma Yuan to Gongsun’s office to explore the situation in order to discuss how to separate one side for a long time. Ma Yuan is a highly valued general under Kan Xiao. He accepts the mission and embarks on the journey with confidence. Because Gongsun Shu was his hometown and was familiar with him in his early years, he thought he would be warmly welcomed and entertained this time, and he could talk about the past and the future. However, there was an accident. Gongsun Shu heard that Ma Yuan wanted to see him, but he put on the posture of the emperor. He sat high in the hall and sent many bodyguards to stand in front of the steps to ask Ma Yuan to see him as a gift to the emperor. Without saying a few words, he retreated to the palace and sent Ma Yuan back to the hotel. Then, in the name of the emperor, Gongsun Shu granted Ma Yuan an official post and gave Ma Yuan an official eye. In this regard, Ma Yuan is certainly very unhappy. The people under his opponent said: “now the world is still competing in the hands of various giants. I don’t know who wins and who loses.

Gongsun Shu talks so much about ostentation. He thinks he is strong. Can talented people stay here to build a career with him?” Ma Yuan went back to Kan Xiao and said to him“ Gongsun Shu is like a green view at the bottom of a well. He can’t see the vast world. He thinks he is great and arrogant. We might as well go to Guangwu emperor in the East (Luoyang) to find a way out. ” Later, Ma Yuan took refuge in Liu Xiu, Emperor Guangwu. He became a general under Emperor Guangwu and did his best to help Emperor Guangwu unify the world. Finally, Gongsun Shu was defeated by Liu Xiu.

Arrogance means: it describes arrogance and arrogance, not looking at others.

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