Chinese Historical Story: A story of cutting through thorns and thorns

Feng Yi was a famous military general in the early Eastern Han Dynasty. He was a general under Liu Xiu, Emperor Guangwu of the Eastern Han Dynasty. He made many military achievements and became one of the founding heroes of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

In 25 ad, Liu Xiu established the regime of the Eastern Han Dynasty and became emperor. He sent General Feng Yi to pacify Guanzhong. Later, Liu Xiufeng and Feng Yi became the summer Marquis of Yang and served as the general of the western expedition.

A story of cutting through thorns and thorns

In AD 30, Feng Yi went to Luoyang, the capital, to worship Emperor Guangwu. Emperor Guangwu solemnly received him and introduced him to all civil and military officials: “he was the main general when I started the army. He cut open the thorns on the road of creating night, cleared away many obstacles, and calmed the vast area of Guanzhong. He is a meritorious Minister of personal champion!” Because Feng Yi is modest and studious, he is deeply respected by people.

Cutting through thorns means: it means clearing obstacles and overcoming difficulties in the process of entrepreneurship or on the way forward.

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