Chinese Historical Story: A story of cutting through thorns and thorns

Feng Yi was a famous general in the early Eastern Han Dynasty. He was born in Yingchuan Fucheng (now Baofeng East, Henan Province), with the word Gongsun. When Liu Xiugang, Emperor Guangwu of Han Dynasty, set up the army, he served under Liu Xiu and made a lot of military achievements. Although he has made great achievements, he is very modest and never takes pride in his achievements, so people admire him very much.


Emperor Guangwu of Han Dynasty sent Feng Yi to lead the army to calm Guanzhong. Feng Yi really lived up to expectations and really settled Guanzhong. Emperor Guangwu was overjoyed and granted Feng Yi the title of Yang Xia Hou, and asked him to serve as a general in the western expedition.

Chinese Historical Story

As Feng Yi sits in Chang’an, he has great military power and loves his people like a son. People call him king Xianyang. At this time, a villain told Emperor Guangwu that Feng Yi’s prestige was too high, which might lead to rebellion, and the court had to take precautions.


When Feng Yi heard about it, fearing that the emperor would harm himself, he wrote a memorial to Liu Xiu, saying that he was loyal to the imperial court and had no objection. He said: “in the past, when I was in a very difficult situation, I didn’t dare to make any mistakes. Now the world is peaceful and there is a reward for my title. How dare I go my own way and make deviant things?”


Liu Xiu replied to an imperial edict and said, “in terms of public, it is the relationship between monarch and minister; In terms of personal feelings, it’s like father and son. You really don’t need to be afraid of this! ”


In AD 30, Feng Yi came to Luoyang from Chang’an to meet Emperor Guangwu. Emperor Guangwu received him very ceremoniously and said to Wen Wu of the Manchu Dynasty, “he was my master book when I set up the army. He split a cluster of thorns on the road of entrepreneurship, cleared away many obstacles, calmed the place in the middle of the pass and made unparalleled achievements for me.”


After retiring from the dynasty, Emperor Guangwu rewarded Feng Yi with many treasures and clothes, and wrote an imperial edict saying: “I didn’t have food in Wulou Pavilion, but you brought me a bowl of bean porridge; I was hungry in the jutuo River, and you cooked rice for me. These things are fresh in my mind. How can I forget them? I haven’t thanked you for your deep affection for me. “

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