Chinese Historical Story: A story of perseverance

During the Western Han Dynasty, there was a man named Zhao Yu, who was a lawsuit of Taiwei Zhou Yafu. By chance, Liu Che, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, saw his article, which was sharp and profound. He thought that few people could match him at that time.

Greatly appreciated by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, he appointed Zhao Yu as the imperial censor, and later rose to the doctor of Taizhong, and asked him to be responsible for formulating national laws together with Zhang Tang, the doctor of Taizhong.

A story of perseverance

In order to use strict legal provisions to restrict officials; They supplemented and revised the original legal provisions according to the will of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty.

At that time, many officials hoped that Zhao Yu would be merciful and amend the legal provisions to have room for maneuver, so they invited him to dinner with Zhang Tang, but Zhao Yu never thanked him. Several times later, many people said that he had a high official airs; Look down on people.

After some time, Zhao Yu and Zhang Tang, after careful consideration and research, decided to formulate laws such as “no accusation of guilt” and “officials sitting up and down for crimes” to restrict serving officials and prevent them from acting recklessly.

As soon as the news came out, the officials asked the princes to persuade Zhao Yu not to make the law too harsh.

Gongqing brought Chongli to Zhao Yu’s house. Unexpectedly, Zhao Yu met Gongqing and just chatted all over the world. Ignoring the public ministers’ hint that they asked him to amend the law, after a while, the public ministers saw that they couldn’t say any more, so they got up and left. Before leaving, Zhao Yu returned the heavy gifts they had brought.

In this way, people really feel that Zhao Yu is a very honest and upright person. Someone asked Zhao Yu, don’t you think about the people around him, so what do you think of him? He said, “I cut off the requests of my friends or guests so that I can decide and deal with things independently and act according to my will without being disturbed by others.

Obstinately means not accepting other people’s advice and stubbornly following one’s own subjective ideas.

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