Chinese Historical Story: A story of sharing weal and woe

A story of sharing weal and woe

During the Warring States period, Ji Ping, crown prince of the state of Yan, inherited the throne and was called King Yan Zhao in history. How to govern in order to enrich the people and strengthen the country? King Yan Zhao really felt helpless. One day, he heard that Guo Kaishan had ideas and was very resourceful. So he quickly sent someone to invite Guo Peng and said to him, “can you find a capable person for me and help me take revenge?” Guo Peng said, “as long as you widely select capable people and visit them in person, all capable people in the world will go to the state of Yan.”“ So which one should I visit? ” Guo Kai replied, “let’s reuse my ordinary ability first! People with excellent skills in the world see that people like me are valued by you, so they will come to you regardless of the long way. ” King Yan Zhao immediately respected Guo Kai as a teacher and built a gorgeous house for him. As soon as the news spread, talented people such as Le Yi, Zou Yan and Ju Xin came to the state of Yan from Wei, Qi and Zhao to serve King Zhao of Yan. King Yan Zhao was very happy and entrusted with important tasks; No matter whose family has matters such as marriage, funeral and marriage, he personally intervenes. In this way, he and his colleagues lived happily for 28 years, and finally managed the state of Yan to make the country rich and the people strong, which was unanimously supported by the whole country.

Sharing joys and sorrows means enjoying happiness and bearing hardships together.

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