Chinese Historical Story: A story that goes from top to bottom

In the spring and Autumn period, since Prime Minister Yan Ying died, Duke Jing of Qi had no one to blame him face to face, so he felt very depressed.

One day, Duke Jing of Qi gave a banquet to all officials of civil and military affairs. After the banquet was scattered, he went to the square to shoot arrows for fun. Whenever Qi Jinggong shoots an arrow, even if he doesn’t hit the center of the magpie, all civil and military officials cheer loudly: “good!

 A story that goes from top to bottom

Wonderful! “” it’s really like a God. It’s unparalleled in the world. ”

Afterwards, Duke Qi Jing told the local minister Xian Zhang about it. Xianzhang said to Duke Jing, “you can’t blame all the ministers for this. The ancients said,” go up and then go down. “What the king likes to eat, the ministers like to eat; what the king likes to wear, the ministers like to wear; the king likes to be flattered. Naturally, the ministers often flatter the king.”

After hearing what Xianzhang said, Duke Jing thought that Xianzhang’s words were very reasonable, so he sent his attendants to reward Xianzhang with many precious things. Xianzhang looked at it, shook his head and said:

“Those who flatter the king just want more rewards. If I receive these rewards, I will become a mean person!” he said. He didn’t accept these precious things.

Later generations described “acting from top to bottom” as how people above like to do, and how people below follow. In our real society, aren’t we looking at such people and such things more? For example, the host of a company often eats, drinks and plays outside, ignores business, and his subordinates don’t do business. This is “acting from top to bottom”. The meaning of this idiom is negative, so it must describe something bad.

It means that the people in front will do what they do, and the people behind will do what they do.

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