Chinese Historical Story: A sweaty story

Huo Guang, a general of Han University, was an important Minister of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty. He assisted emperor Zhao of Han Dynasty, who ascended the throne at the age of eight, and was very powerful. There was a man named Yang Chang around Huo Guang. He acted cautiously and was appreciated by Huo Guang. He rose to the position of prime minister and was granted an Ping Hou. In fact, Yang Chang is cowardly, incompetent and timid. He is not the material to be prime minister at all.

Chinese Historical Story: A sweaty story

In 74 BC, at the age of 21, Emperor Zhao of the Han Dynasty died in Weiyang palace. Huo Guang consulted with his officials and chose Liu He, king of Changyi, grandson of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, as his successor. Who knows, after Liu he succeeded to the throne, he often entertained, sang and danced and had fun. When Huo Guang heard about it, he was worried. He secretly discussed with riding generals Zhang Anshi and Da Sima Tian Yannian, and planned to abolish Liu He and establish a virtuous monarch. After the discussion, Huo Guang sent Tian Yannian to tell Yang Chang to act together. Yang Chang was so frightened that he was sweating and terrified. He was just vague and noncommittal.

Yang Chang’s wife, Ma Qian’s daughter of Taishi company, is quite courageous. Seeing her husband’s hesitation, she was secretly worried. When Tian Yannian changed clothes and walked away, she came forward to persuade her husband to say; “How can you hesitate about national affairs? The general has made a decision. You should also make a quick decision, otherwise it will be too difficult.” Yang Chang walked back and forth in the room, but couldn’t pay attention. It happened that Tian Yannian came back at this time. Mrs. Sima could not avoid it. She simply met Tian Yannian and told Tian Yannian that her husband was willing to obey the orders of the general. After hearing this, Tian Yannian said goodbye and left happily.

Tian Yannian thanked Huo Guang. Huo Guang was very satisfied. He immediately arranged Yang Chang to lead the ministers to the table and invite the Empress Dowager. The next day, Yang Chang and his officials met the Empress Dowager and stated the reason why the king of Changyi could not inherit the throne. The Empress Dowager immediately ordered Liu He to be abolished and Liu Xun, the great grandson of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, was named Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty.

Sweating means: now it also describes sweating a lot, and the clothes on your back are wet.

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