Chinese Historical Story: A well thought out story

Northern Song painter Wen Tong, word and can. His bamboo paintings are well-known. Many people come to the door every day to ask for paintings. Where is the secret of Wen Tong’s bamboo painting? It turned out that Wen Tong planted all kinds of bamboo in front of and behind his house. No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, yin and rain, he often went to the bamboo forest to observe the growth and changes of bamboo, pondered the length and thickness of bamboo branches, the shape and color of leaves, and whenever he had a new feeling, he returned to his study, laid paper and ink, and painted his impression on paper. The image of bamboo in different seasons, different weather and different hours is deeply imprinted in his heart. As long as he concentrates on his pen and stands in front of the drawing paper, the various forms of bamboo observed on weekdays immediately emerge in front of him. So every time he painted bamboo, he looked very calm and confident. The bamboo he painted was lifelike and vivid.

A well thought out story

When people praise his paintings, he always says humbly, “I just draw the mature bamboo in my heart.”

A young man wanted to learn bamboo painting. He learned that the poet Chao Buzhi had studied Wen Tong’s paintings and went to ask for advice. Huang Buzhi wrote a poem for him, including two sentences: “with paintable bamboo, there is Chengzhu in his chest.”

It means that you have made up your mind before doing something.

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