Chinese Historical Story: A worthless story

The Guanfu has a straight temperament and pays attention to faith. He must do what he says. He often insults officials with higher status than him, and the poorer the officials with lower status, the more he respects them. Therefore, many talented people without status liked to approach him at that time.

A worthless story

Potters like to drink and often get angry when they are drunk. One day, Prime Minister Tian Fen got married. He drank a lot of wine. After a while, he went to Tian Fen to propose a toast. Tian Fen said, “I can’t drink a full glass.” Seeing that he refused to drink happily, the gaffer said sarcastically, “although you are a noble man, you should also finish my glass of wine.” Tian Fen still didn’t drink. After a boring discussion, the Guanfu went to propose a toast in front of Guanxian, the Linru marquis. At this time, Guan Xian was talking to Cheng Buji’s ear and didn’t welcome him.

Guanfu was angry. Seeing this situation, he couldn’t help scolding Guanxian and said, “I always said Cheng didn’t know anything and was worthless. Today, you are biting your ears with him like women!…”

Since then, people have the meaning of despise and despise others. If they want to say that this person has no strengths or is good for nothing, they say “worthless” or “worthless”, that is, it means worthless.

For example, those who are arrogant to their own people, but humble to outsiders, or those things that look good and actually can’t be used, we can call them “worthless”.

Worthless means that a copper coin is worthless. Metaphors are worthless.

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