Chinese Historical Story: An honest story

During the Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang, the Prime Minister of Shu Han, won the credit of emperor Liu Bei. Before Liu Bei died, he entrusted his son Liu Chan to him, asked him to help Liu Chan govern the world, and sincerely said that if you can help him, you can help him. If he doesn’t listen to you and does something harmful to the country, you can replace him.

An honest story

After Liu Bei’s death, Zhuge Liang did his best to help the mediocre empress Liu Chan govern the country. Some people advised him to become a knight and become a king, but he sternly refused, and thought that he had held such a high official position entrusted by the former Emperor; Nowadays, the crusade against Cao Wei has achieved little, but it is unjust to increase officials and rank.

Zhuge Liang was fair and reasonable in dealing with people and not favoritism. Ma Su was a general he valued very much. He was a forward when attacking Cao Wei. Zhuge Liang strictly obeyed the military order and killed him because he violated temperance and lost the Street Pavilion. Ma Su wrote to Zhuge Liang before his execution, saying that although he died, he had no resentment under Jiuquan. Zhuge Liang himself also took responsibility for the loss of the Street Pavilion. After requesting the Lord’s approval, he was demoted from the prime minister to the right general. He also ordered his subordinates to criticize his shortcomings and mistakes. This was rare at that time.

In 234 ad, Zhuge Liang died in the army. He was poor all his life and had no property left to future generations.

The meaning of being open and open is to treat people sincerely, frankly and selflessly.

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