Chinese Historical Story: An ignorant story

King Zhou of Yin, the last emperor of Shang Lang, was a tyrant resented by the common people.

He acted recklessly all day, did not devote himself to government, indulged in wine and sex, trusted the slander of spoiled discipline and himself, and lived a shameless life.

An ignorant story

King Zhou had a minister named Bigan, who was a loyal and good minister. Seeing that King Zhou was so fatuous, he was very worried. He repeatedly advised King Zhou to change his evil ways and do more good for the people.

Once, King Zhou listened to Daji and ordered to kill innocent Meibo and chop Meibo into meat sauce. After knowing this, Bigan hurriedly advised King Zhou, hoping that he would not listen to Daji’s slander and kill innocent people by mistake, and said that if he went on like this, he would subjugate the country. Bigan strongly advised King Zhou for several days, which aroused great dissatisfaction of King Zhou.

King Zhou shouted angrily, “I’ve heard that the saint’s heart has seven orifices. I’ll kill him and take out his heart to see what happened!” King Zhou really killed Bigan and dug out his heart. Speaking of this, Confucius sighed: “King Zhou’s mind is not clear. If he has a hole, Bigan will not be killed!”

I don’t understand the metaphor at all.

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