Chinese Historical Story: An unparalleled story

Huang Xiang is from Jiangxia, Hubei Province. His mother died early. His father is a small official. His father and son depend on each other and live a very hard life. Huang Xiang is knowledgeable and reasonable. He is very filial to his father. In the hot summer, he uses a fan to cool the mat on the bed and pillow, so that his father can sleep more comfortably; In the cold winter, he first got into the quilt, warmed it a little, and then asked his father to sleep. Therefore, his father loved him more and helped him learn a lot of knowledge.

An unparalleled story

When Huang Xiang grew up, he became an official. When he was the governor of Wei County, the local people were homeless by the flood, without food or clothing. Huang Xiang took out his salary and family property and distributed it to the affected people. Because Huang Xiang was diligent, knowledgeable and filial to her father in her childhood, she won many people’s praise. At that time, there was a popular ballad in the capital: “there is no match in the world, and the river and summer are yellow.”

Unparalleled in the world means that there is no second one in the world. Describe outstanding and unique.

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