Chinese Historical Story: be besieged on all sides

In December 203 B.C., Han Xin set up an ambush under the ridge to lead the overlord to a suitable place and surround him. Han Xin deliberately took words to excite the overlord, so that he was angry with fire in his nostrils and smoke on his head. He made up four sentences and asked the soldiers to shout at the Chu camp: “people carry Chu, and the world belongs to Liu; Han Xintun wants to behead the overlord! ”


Overlord led a hundred thousand troops to the bottom of the ridge. He didn’t meet Han Xin. He saw that there were Han soldiers on all sides, and the Chu army entered the siege. The overlord led his men and horses to rush forward, and no one could resist it. When he saw Han Xin, he refused to let go. Han Xin fought and retreated. The overlord chased for several miles, killed one group, and another came, killing one layer and another. Han Xin’s “ambush” people are everywhere. Overlord turned around and ran back to the camp.

be besieged on all sides

At night, Xiang Yu heard the soldiers in the surrounding Han camp singing the songs of the Chu people“ The idiom “besieged on all sides” comes from here.


The overlord was surprised. He said, “did the Chu troops surrender to Liu Bang? Why are there so many Chu people in the Han camp?” Then he began to drink muggy wine in the camp. He was nostalgic for his beloved beauty, Yu Ji, who often waited on him; And the udri horse that has been riding for five years. Thinking of this, the overlord couldn’t help it any longer. He sang his own poem with grief and indignation: pulling the mountain out of the world, the disadvantageous times will never die. What can I do if I can’t die? What can I do if I’m worried. The meaning of this song is: strength can pull up a mountain, courage overwhelms heroes all over the world, bad luck, wuzhui horse refused to go. What if the horse doesn’t run? Yuji, Yuji, what can you do.


Xiang Yu sang several times in a row, and Yu Ji sang along. He sang so much that he shed a few lines of tears. All the people who served him cried and couldn’t bear to look up at him.


Overlord stepped on Wu Zhui, took 800 soldiers, rushed out like a tiger, broke out of the siege and ran south. He is going to cross the Huai River and go east. The overlord and 800 soldiers scattered the Han soldiers along the road. Han Xin, yingbu, Zhou Bo and fan Kuai pursued separately. The overlord patted Wu Zhui and ran straight like flying. When the overlord crossed the Huaihe River and reached the south bank, he lost his way. I don’t know which road can lead to Pengcheng (now Xuzhou, Jiangsu).


Xiang Yu asked a farmer for directions. Unwilling to help him, the farmer said, “go to the left.” The overlord and more than 100 soldiers ran to the left. After a while, there was no way. There was only a puddle in front. Their horse got stuck in the mud and couldn’t even pull out its hoof. The overlord knew that he had been cheated and took the wrong way. He pulled the reins and went back to the fork in the road. The Han soldiers had already caught up with him.


Overlord ran southeast to Dongcheng (now Southeast of Dingyuan, Anhui Province) and counted the number. There were only 28 cavalry, and thousands of people and horses caught up. The overlord felt that he could not get away, so he took 28 people to the mountain and said to them, “I have fought more than 70 times since I started the army eight years ago. I have been invincible and become the overlord of the world. I’m surrounded here today. It’s a number of days, not that I won’t fight. ”


He divided the twenty-eight soldiers into four teams and said, “I’ll kill one of them first. You run down and meet at the foot of the east mountain. ” He shouted, rushed to a Han General and killed a Han general.


When overlord arrived at the foot of the East Mountain, all the four teams of 28 children arrived. The Han soldiers came and fought again. The overlord rushed to kill where there were many Han soldiers. He stabbed left and split right, and killed a lieutenant and many soldiers of the Han army. The Han soldiers dared not approach the Chu soldiers and shouted and hid from afar. The overlord counted his own number, only two less.


The overlord killed and retreated the Han soldiers, took 26 children’s soldiers to the South and ran to Wujiang (now the northeast of He county, Anhui Province). A small boat was waiting there in Wujiang Pavilion. Knowing that the overlord was coming, he urged him to cross the river at once. He said, “although Jiangdong is small, it also has more than 1000 miles of land and hundreds of thousands of people. The king can still be king there. I’m the only boat here. Please cross the river quickly. ”


The overlord smiled and said to the pavilion leader, “at the beginning, I crossed the river with 8000 Jiangdong children to fight the world. Today, they are all finished. Where can I go back alone? Just say that Jiangdong father and brother sympathize with me and make me king. Where can I have the face to see them? ” He went on to say, “this udri horse, my favorite, once ran a thousand miles a day. I hate to kill it. I know you are a loyal elder. I appreciate your kindness. This horse is for you. ”


He and his twenty-six children walked with short knives and fought with the Han soldiers. They killed many Han soldiers and fell down one by one. Finally, the overlord was left alone. He suffered more than a dozen injuries, and finally pulled out his sword by the Wujiang River and killed himself.

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