Chinese Historical Story: Borrow moonlight

A long time ago, there was a hard-working child named Zhou Gen by the Hutuo River. He was bought by wharf owner Xue Biao as a hard worker. Xue Biao is a famous ruthless and Iron Rooster. He urges Zhou Gen to unload the ship with big bags and small packaging ships every day. He can’t rest for a moment.

Zhou Gen is a kind and reading child. He learned to read with people coming and going from the wharf, but he didn’t know where to find a book. When he had a rest at night, he read by the oil lamp on the wharf. Once, Xue Biao saw it during the night patrol, deducted Zhou Gen’s salary and increased his workload. Zhou Gen had no choice but to pick up some pine trees while working. At night, he lit a torch in the shack where he slept and read with the torch.

Chinese Historical Story: Borrow moonlight

One day, Xue Biao quietly ran to the shack to see what Zhou Gen was doing. He found Zhou Gen’s pine torch and beat him up. The book was torn to pieces. Before Xue Biao left, he threw down a sentence: “every plant and tree on the wharf belongs to me. No one can use it for private use without my permission. If you have the ability to move the moonlight into the house to read, I can’t control it.”

Zhou Gen got out of the shack and stared at the dim moonlight. Don’t mention moving the moonlight into the house. Even if you open your eyes in the moonlight, you can’t see the handwriting on the book. I’m afraid there’s no other way to read in the future. Zhou Gen couldn’t help crying sadly.

At this time, a voice suddenly came: “child, can you help?”

Zhou Gen turned and saw an old woman with white hair. She was scooping something into a small wooden bucket with a wooden ladle in the moonlight. Zhou Gen wiped his tears and ran over and asked, “grandma, what are you still scooping up so late? Let me help you.”

The old woman smiled and said, “I’ll scoop the moonlight into the bucket and go back to illuminate the house and embroider.”

Zhou Gen was stunned: “how can the moonlight be scooped into the bucket?”

The wife handed the wooden ladle and said, “other people’s bucket can’t do it. My bucket can do it. You can try it.”

Zhou Gen took the wooden ladle and gently pulled it in the moonlight. The wooden ladle was shining. He leaned in front of the barrel and turned his wrist. The moonlight flowed into the barrel like water.

It’s amazing! Zhou Gen couldn’t help but be fascinated. How wonderful it would be if he had such a barrel that could collect moonlight!

The old woman saw Zhou Gen’s mind, patted him on the shoulder and said, “you like reading, so I’ll lend you this bucket.”

Zhou Gen couldn’t bear to take people’s love. He turned to say something. The old woman had disappeared into the night.

Zhou Gen saw that the barrel was full of moonlight, so he took the barrel back to the shack. He put the book close to the mouth of the bucket. It still looked a little hard. He scooped out some moonlight with a wooden ladle and lifted it into the air. The moonlight flew out and landed on the top of the shed. There was a bright light in the shed. Zhou Gen understood. He scooped out the moonlight and threw it in every corner. The shack became brighter and brighter, and finally it was almost like the day. Zhou Gen was so happy that he repaired the book and read it happily.

From that day on, Zhou Gen went to the yard to scoop the moonlight every night and threw the moonlight in the shack to illuminate it. He no longer had to worry about not being able to read.

That night, Xue Biao patrolled the night and saw a light in the gap of Zhou Gen’s shack. He concluded that Zhou Gen had stolen something and was burning it. Xue Biao angrily kicked open the door, and a burst of light rushed over, which made Xue Biao unable to open his eyes for a moment. When he slowed down, he could see clearly that the whole house had no lights or torches, but the walls, roofs and floors were shining brightly.

Xue Biao roared, “what did you burn again? Didn’t I tell you not to touch every plant and tree here?”

Zhou Gen said calmly, “I borrowed the moonlight. I haven’t moved any of your plants and trees. Don’t worry.”

Xue Biao choked for a moment. He immediately changed a smiling face and asked, “borrow the moonlight?”

Zhou Gen didn’t hide it and told Xue Biao the whole story.

Xue Biao picked up the barrel and ladle and went out, saying, “seeing is believing, hearing is believing. Let’s try another room.”

Zhou Gen followed Xue Biao to another dark room. Zhou Gen said the way. Xue Biao scooped up the moonlight and threw it into the air. The black room was as bright as day. Xue Biao was overjoyed and said to Zhou gen, “your bucket belongs to me. In the future, I will allow you to light pine wood. How about it?”

Zhou Gen protested, “this bucket was lent to me by an old woman. I want to return it to others.”

Xue Biao pulled down his face, stared at Zhou Gen and said, “there’s no old woman. Don’t coax me.” after saying that, Xue Biao left without looking back with a bucket.

Zhou Gen went back to the shack and turned around for several times. He wanted to find the old woman to apologize, but he couldn’t find anyone. Although Xue Biao agreed with him to light a pine torch, he couldn’t delay his reading, but his heart was heavy.

Xue Biao was so happy that he invited a group of guests to a big banquet. These people flattered Xue Biao and made Xue Biao laugh.

Someone came up with an idea and said, “boss Xue’s baby can make the house so bright by installing moonlight. If you install sunlight, I don’t know how bright it is!”

Xue Biao listened, patted his forehead and said, “you’re a good idea. I didn’t expect it! I’ll install the sunlight tomorrow and invite all friends to visit the treasure tomorrow night!”

The next day, when the sun was shining, Xue Biao took out a wooden ladle and scooped the sun into the barrel. Seeing the brilliance in the barrel, Xue Biao took the barrel home with satisfaction.

As soon as it got dark, Xue Biao couldn’t wait to put the bucket in the middle of the living room before the guests came. He held the wooden ladle in his hand, pointed to the red sunshine in the wooden ladle and said, “now please look at my priceless treasure. Today, the living room will be brighter than last night!”

Xue Biao raised his hand, the sun fell on the roof, and the living room suddenly lit up. In everyone’s admiration, Xue Biao threw it on the left and right. After a while, the living room was like a scorching sun in the sky. Everyone could not open their eyes and sweated all over their heads and faces.

The guests couldn’t stand it. They took off their clothes and shouted, “boss Xue, stop quickly. It’s so hot.”

Xue Biao only sprinkled half a bucket of sunshine, but he couldn’t stand the heat, so he had to stop and said to his servant, “open the window, let the wind through, and wait for the sunshine to dissipate.”

Before opening the window, Xue Biao smelled a burning smell. He was surprised: “whose clothes are burning?”

The guests checked the clothes one by one, and all the clothes were fine. The servants suddenly shouted, “master, it’s bad. The curtains are on fire!”

Seeing the flames of the curtains jumping up, the guests were frightened. They immediately stood up and ran out. The living room was in a mess, stumbling and staggering one by one.

Someone accidentally kicked over Xue Biao’s barrel, the sun flowed all over the floor and burned the carpet and furniture. Xue Biao couldn’t stop the chaos. He had to pick up the barrel and run out with everyone.

The living room is connected to Xue Biao’s warehouse, which is the property Xue Biao has saved all his life. He immediately called the servants to put out the fire, but the fire was fierce and all the servants ran away. Xue Biao was so worried that he took a bucket and filled it with water to put out the fire. As a result, his hair and eyebrows were all gone. He lost the battle with his bare head and sat on the ground crying.

Those guests were snobbish. Seeing Xue Biao’s property burned, they all left with a sneer. Xue Biao cried for a while, looked at the barrel in his arms and comforted himself: “fortunately, I still have this baby. If I sell it, I can get a lot of money and start all over again!”

Xue Biao was about to get up, but he looked up and saw Zhou Gen standing with an old woman. The old woman said, “I wanted to use the moonlight bucket to help Zhou gen, but you were so greedy that you took the bucket away. Even if it was used to hold the moonlight, you dare to use it to hold the sunlight. If you burn your house and property, you can’t blame others. Now, give me the bucket back.”

Xue Biao held the barrel tightly and didn’t give up: “this is mine. No one wants to take it away!”

The wife sighed and said, “keep it if you want. It’s filled with sunshine. Just now it’s filled with water. The bucket has been abandoned.”

Xue Biao didn’t believe it and immediately went to scoop up the moonlight. Sure enough, he couldn’t scoop up any more. Xue Biao shouted desperately and collapsed to the ground.

Zhou gen, with the help of his mother-in-law, was free. From then on, he devoted himself to reading and later won the Jinshi examination.

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