Chinese Historical Story: Cao Cao was almost fooled

When Cao Cao just set up the army, he was a partner with Zhang Miao and trusted Zhang Miao very much. Every time he went on an expedition, he entrusted his family to Zhang Miao. Zhang Miao took Cao Cao’s hand, nodded in tears, and then sent him to battle.

However, in 194 ad, after Cao Cao set out again, Zhang Miao suddenly changed his face, joined hands with the enemy Lv Bu, copied Cao Cao’s nest and detained some relatives of Cao Cao’s subordinates. Among them was Bi Chen, whose whole family entered Zhang Miao’s captivity camp. Zhang Miao sent a messenger to bi Chen: “if you don’t come back to vote for me, you’ll kill your whole family.”

Chinese Historical Story: Cao Cao was almost fooled

When Cao Cao knew this, he sighed, called Bi Chen, patted him on the shoulder and said, “go, I won’t blame you.” Bi Chen was moved by Cao Cao’s sincerity, knelt on the ground and raised his hand to swear: “I will never do that kind of thing.” Cao Cao, who had just experienced Zhang Miao’s betrayal, was moved, shook his arms and called on the whole army to learn from Bi Chen. Bi Chen suddenly became the object of everyone’s imitation.

Bi Chen set an example and was particularly responsible for his work. The next morning, he put on his helmet and pulled his army horse out of the camp to release it. All the soldiers looked at him when they saw him. But after Bi Chen went out, he never came back. Cao Cao was very anxious and posted notices everywhere, but a few days later, there was still no news. Just then, the spy hurried back to report, and Bi Chen went to Zhang Miao.

The model is still so, and people are terrified for a moment. Fortunately, soon, Cao Cao captured and killed Lv Bu, Zhang Miao committed suicide on the way to escape, and Bi Chen let Cao Jun catch him alive and escort him to Cao Cao. When all Cao generals saw Bi Chen, they all hated him and asked to kill him. Cao Cao waved and let Bi Chen go. As for the reason, he said, “those who are filial to their mother must be loyal to the country.” later, Cao Cao issued a document to commend Bi Chen and appointed him as Lu Xiang. In the post of Lu Xiang, Bi Chen did an excellent job.

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