Chinese Historical Story: carry all before one

During the Three Kingdoms period, Sima was in power in the state of Wei. After the state of Wei annexed the state of Shu, Sima Yan simply took the throne and established the Jin Dynasty. He was the famous emperor Wu of Jin in history. At this time, Du Yu advocated sending troops to destroy Wu and unify the world. He wrote a memorial to Emperor Wu of Jin. After reading the memorial, Emperor Wu of Jin felt that Du Yu’s opinions coincided with his own ideas, so he made up his mind to attack Wu regardless of the opposition of all his ministers.


In 280 ad, Du Yu led several armies to launch an offensive against the state of Wu. It took him only a dozen days to occupy many towns in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. The prefectures and counties south of the yuan and Hunan rivers also surrendered to the Jin army. More than 200 officials, including Sun Xin, governor of the Wu army, were captured and killed.

carry all before one

Du expected to seize this favorable opportunity and destroy the state of Wu at once. However, some people believe that the state of Wu is a big country with great strength. It is very difficult to destroy it at once. Moreover, it was summer. It was difficult to get rid of the heat, abundant rain and epidemic diseases. It would be better to temporarily stop military operations and wait until winter to launch an attack.


Du Yu disagreed with this opinion. He said firmly: “once upon a time, Le Yi of the state of Yan occupied more than 70 cities of the state of Qi in one breath by relying on the Jixi war. The reason for winning, in addition to le Yi’s good command, is strong morale. Now our alchemist is very energetic. If we attack the state of Wu in time, it’s like breaking bamboo with a knife. After splitting a few sections, the rest can be easily solved without any obstacles. ”


Du Yu continued to fight the enemy according to his own ideas. Wherever his banners pointed, the enemy was defeated. Soon, Jin army captured Jianye, and Wu Lord Sun Hao was forced to surrender. The Jin Dynasty finally unified the whole country. After the expedition of the southern army to the Hui Dynasty, Emperor Wu of Jin granted Du Yu as the Marquis of Dangyang County in recognition of his unparalleled feats in calming the eastern Wu.


Du Yu believes that although the world is stable, the possibility of war still exists and must not be taken lightly. So he was still diligent in armaments. Later, he also used the army to build water conservancy to benefit the people. His achievements have remained in the hearts of the people for a long time.

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