Chinese Historical Story: exhaust all resources to build up one ‘s military power

During the Three Kingdoms period, Lu Xun, governor of the eastern Wu Dynasty, had a son named Lu Kang. He was a rare general with deep strategic knowledge and good counsel. Because of his outstanding talent, he served as a captain of Jianwu school at the age of 20, governing 5000 people. After SUN Hao became the king of the eastern Wu Dynasty, he sealed Lu Kang as the general of the town army and asked him to strictly prevent the attack of the Jin army.


At that time, the Soochow regime was very corrupt. SUN Hao was cruel, arrogant and extravagant, lecherous, abused torture and killed many innocent people. Lu Kang wrote many times to advise SUN Hao to love the people, step up training the army and devote his energy to governing the country and the army. But SUN Hao took his opinion as a cliche and still ate, drank and had fun, regardless of national affairs.

exhaust all resources to build up one 's military power

In 272 ad, Lu Kang took command of the troops to fight against the rebels, and confronted the Jin army at the border. Knowing that the strength of the state of Wu was not enough, Lu Kang exchanged envoys with the Jin army and did not take the initiative to attack. When SUN Hao heard this, he was very angry and sent someone to ask Lu Kang why he ate the salary of the state but didn’t fight.


Lu Kang wrote a memorial to SUN Hao and advised him: “now the imperial court has not taken positive action in developing agricultural production and rectifying politics. Instead, it wants all the generals to make meritorious contributions on the battlefield and kill the enemy generals. In this way, our country will exhaust all its troops and fight all day, resulting in tens of thousands of assets and extremely tired soldiers. The enemy’s strength has not been lost, but we seem to have a serious illness ourselves. ”


Lu Kang also pointed out that at present, the power of Jin is very strong and the power of Wu is weak. To defeat a big country, we must stop using troops, enhance national strength, and wait until the world changes before taking the initiative.


After reading Lu Kang’s memorials, SUN Hao disagreed, and felt that Lu Kang was not smart and difficult to unify the army. Later, because the rule of Soochow was too harsh, it was finally destroyed by Jin. The people hated the Soochow regime, so even though the Soochow state was broken, they did not sympathize with SUN Hao.

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