Chinese Historical Story: Note sent by the Emperor

Song Renzong overheard two of his bodyguards arguing in private. Bodyguard a said, “man’s destiny is not predestined, but can be changed as long as we work hard.” bodyguard B retorted, “our destiny is naturally determined by the emperor.”

Song Renzong wrote the same sentence on the two notes: “Whoever arrives at you first, let him become the captain of the guard.” then, he sent someone to put the notes into sealed small gold boxes, called guard B, and asked him to send a small gold box to a master in charge of the internal affairs of the imperial palace. Song Renzong estimated that when bodyguard B was almost halfway, he called bodyguard A and also gave him a small gold box and asked him to send it to the supervisor.

Chinese Historical Story

Soon, the supervisor returned the news that he had recommended bodyguard a as the captain according to the emperor’s will. Song Renzong Mingming specially arranged bodyguard B to go first. Why did this happen?

It turned out that after bodyguard B and bodyguard a left, song Renzong arranged two bodyguards to stop them on the way. Bodyguard B was very happy when he met someone who could talk. He had a good time talking from what he did last night to what he ate at noon; Bodyguard a was preoccupied with completing the task. He just said hello and went on until he sent the small gold box to the supervisor. Just because he was a few steps ahead, he got a good chance to change his fate.

Song Renzong sighed, “if people don’t work hard, even the emperor can’t help him.”

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