Chinese Historical Story: One question and three unknown stories

Story: in 468 BC, Gou Yao, a doctor of the state of Jin, led an army against the state of Zheng. The state of Zheng was a powerful country in the early spring and Autumn period. Later, it gradually weakened and became a weak vassal state. The king of the state of Zheng could not resist the attack of the Jin army, so he sent a doctor to the state of Qi for help.

Duke Ping, the monarch of Qi, could not tolerate the annexation of Zheng by Jin, so he strengthened it and posed a threat to Qi, so he sent the doctor Chen Chengzi to lead the army to rescue him. When Chen Chengzi led his army to the Bank of Zishui River, it rained heavily, and the soldiers were unwilling to cross the river in the rain. Zisi, the guide of the state of Zheng, said, “the troops of the state of Jin are under the house of our capital, so we are in a hurry. Our kings and officials are anxiously looking forward to the early arrival of the Qi army. If you can’t enter again, I’m afraid it’s too late. ”

One question and three unknown stories

Chen Chengzi stood anxiously on the hillside with a canopy and a soldier on his arm, directing the Qi army to cross the river. The horses screamed at the sight of the surging river. He used a whip to force them to cross the river. After some efforts, the Qi army crossed the Zishui river safely and was ready to fight with the Jin army.

When gou Yao, commander of the Jin army, saw that the Qi army was well-organized and a little hurt Bo, he said to the left and right ministries, “I have divined to attack the state of Zheng, but I have not divined to fight the state of Qi. Their troops are very well arranged. I’m afraid we can’t beat them. ” The ministers also agreed with him and advocated the withdrawal of troops. While ordering the withdrawal, Gou Yao sent an envoy to the Qi army camp to meet Chen Chengzi. The messenger said, “our commander asked me to explain to you that Jin sent troops this time to avenge you. You, Dr. Chen, came from the state of Chen. Although the state of Chen was destroyed and plundered by the state of Chu, it was the sin of the state of Zheng. Therefore, I sent me to investigate the reasons for the destruction of the state of Chen and ask if you are worried about the state of Chen at the same time. ”

After listening to the messenger’s work, Chen Chengzi knew that Gou Yao made it up. He was very angry. He said, “people who bully others will never come to a good end: can people like Gou Yao last long?” After the envoys of the state of Qi left, a ministry named Gou Yin reported to Chen Chengzi: “a man from the Jin army told me that the Jin army plans to send a thousand chariots to attack our battalion

Door, we should wipe out all the Qi army. ” Hearing this, Chen Chengzi said:

“Before I set out, the monarch ordered me, ‘don’t chase after sporadic soldiers, and don’t be afraid of a large number of people and horses.’ Even if the Jin army dispatched more than 1000 chariots, I couldn’t avoid fighting. You just said something to strengthen the enemy’s prestige and destroy your ambition! After returning home, I will report your words to the monarch. ”

Gou Yin knew he had made a mistake and said regretfully, “today I know that I always want to escape because I can’t get trust. A gentleman plans a thing, considers the beginning, development and result of the thing, and then reports it to the upper level. Now, if I don’t know about these three aspects, I will report to the higher authorities. How can I not run into a wall? ” A few days later, the Jin army withdrew, and Chen Chengzi also led the army home.

One question and three don’t know means: no matter how you ask, you always say you don’t know.

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