Chinese Historical Story: The legend of ten thousand years creating the calendar

It is said that in ancient times, a young man named Wannian saw that the festival was very chaotic, so he had a plan to set the festival. But he couldn’t find a way to calculate the time. One day, he was tired of cutting firewood up the mountain and sat in the shade to rest. The movement of the shadow inspired him. He designed a sundial to measure the time of the day. Later, the dripping spring on the cliff inspired him. He made a five story leaky pot to calculate the time. Over time, he found that the four seasons were reincarnated every 360 days, and the length of the day was repeated.

At that time, the monarch was called Zuyi, and he was often distressed by the unexpected weather. After ten thousand years knew, he took the sundial and leaky pot to the monarch and explained the truth of the sun and moon to Zu Yi. After hearing this, Zu Yi was happy and felt reasonable. So he left ten thousand years and built the sun moon Pavilion, sundial platform and leaky pot Pavilion in front of the temple of heaven. And hope to accurately measure the law of the sun and moon, calculate the accurate morning and evening time, and create a calendar to benefit the people all over the world.

The legend of ten thousand years creating the calendar

Once, Zu Yi went to learn about the progress of the ten thousand year test calendar. When he ascended the altar of the sun and moon, he saw a poem engraved on the stone wall beside the temple of heaven: “sunrise and sunset 360, start again and again. Vegetation withers and flourishes in four seasons, and there are twelve circles in a year. ” Knowing that Wannian has established the calendar, I personally boarded the sun moon pavilion to visit Wannian. Wannian pointed to the celestial phenomena and said to Zu Yi, “now it is the end of twelve months, the old year is over, and the new year begins again. Please fix a festival.”. Zuyi said, “spring is the beginning of the year. Let’s call it the Spring Festival.”. It is said that this is the origin of the Spring Festival.

From winter to spring, year after year, after years of long-term observation and careful calculation, he formulated an accurate solar calendar. When he presented the solar calendar to his successor, he was already covered with silver whiskers. The monarch was deeply moved. In order to commemorate the achievements of ten thousand years, he named the solar calendar “perpetual calendar” and named ten thousand years as the birthday star of the sun and moon. Later, people put up the birthday map during the new year. It is said that it is to commemorate the ten thousand years of high virtue and high prestige. In memory of him, the beginning must be “Nian”.

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