Chinese Historical Story: The sound of gongs and drums in the middle of the night

Late at night, Liu Zifeng was holding candles in his camp to handle official business. Suddenly, he heard a burst of gongs and drums beating like raindrops, disturbing his mood. This is the appearance drum of the Beijing Opera Changbanpo. The dense ideas of gongs and drums urge every pore on him. Liu Zifeng stood up and walked out of the camp.

Many soldiers were awakened and went out of the camp to watch. The sound of gongs and drums came from the Eagle Ridge opposite. It seemed to be waiting for Wu Sheng to come out. Liu Zifeng listened attentively, shook his head and said, “it’s good, but it still needs a little heat.” he ordered the deputy general to take people to see what’s going on. How can there be the sound of gongs and drums singing in the wild mountains?

The sound of gongs and drums in the middle of the night

The deputy general took a dozen soldiers and quietly climbed up the Eagle Ridge. He was greatly surprised. In a small open space, four monkeys were beating drums, big gongs, small gongs and cymbals, just like they were. The deputy general waved, and the soldiers quietly surrounded and went up to catch the monkeys. However, the monkeys were so clever that when they heard the sound in the woods, they jumped away with gongs and drums, and the sound of gongs and drums stopped suddenly.

After listening to the deputy general’s report, Liu Zifeng was also very curious. Can monkeys beat the gongs and drums of Peking Opera? No wonder it’s almost hot. However, for monkeys, this is already very good. As soon as he patted the case, he said, “I’ll go out and catch them tomorrow night.” the deputy general asked suspiciously, “the monkeys have been frightened. Will they still come?”

One side of the master touched the goatee, narrowed his eyes and said, “it will come again. This is Luo Jiajun’s trap.” Liu Zifeng nodded in agreement, and the past of entanglement with Luo Jiajun could not help floating in front of him. Luo Jiajun is the army of Luo Tiejian, the general soldier. He once played an important role in the war against rebels and was called Luo Jiajun by the common people. Luo Tiejian made meritorious contributions to the rebellion and was promoted to the middle of the court as an official. Liu Zifeng, the Minister of war, tried his best to win over Luo Tiejian. However, Luo Tiejian was upright and unwilling to join Liu Zifeng’s friends, so he fell in love with Liu Zifeng. Later, the court and Chinese ministers clashed with each other. Luo Tiejian stood on the side of the honest minister and wrote a letter about Liu Zifeng’s crimes of taking bribes and bending the law, but he was biased and ignored by the emperor.

Liu Zifeng backfired, caught some small mistakes in Luo Tiejian’s counter insurgency, fabricated facts and made a big fuss. The emperor listened to and believed, and began to wantonly kill Luo’s generals. After Luo Tiejian’s death, the remaining generals of the Luo family army fled with several sons of the Luo family. Liu Zifeng sent his trusted minions to visit everywhere and was sure to kill Luo Jiajun. Every autumn, he went hunting in daze, a famous mountain. In fact, he was encircling and suppressing the rest of the Luo family army. This summer, Liu Zifeng got the news that Huxiao mountain found the trace of young master Luo, so he led his troops to encircle and suppress him in the name of hunting.

Liu Zifeng took his thoughts back and said with gnashing teeth, “it has been nearly 10 years, and the rest of the Luo family army is still inexhaustible. I want to see what tricks the Luo family army plays.”

The next night, the gongs and drums on Eagle Ridge sounded as expected. Liu Zifeng, dressed neatly and with his soldiers, quietly climbed up the Eagle Ridge. I saw four monkeys beating gongs and drums in the open space. Liu Zifeng took the lead and rushed to the monkey. His golden armor is particularly dazzling in the moonlight. The other three monkeys threw down their belongings and jumped away, but the big monkey stepped back and knocked on the gong and showed his teeth to Liu Zifeng. Liu Zifeng rushed with his sword. Suddenly, a loud noise came. Liu Zifeng and the soldiers fell into a big trap. Immediately after, a shower of arrows came and shouted for killing. Luo’s army ambushed in Eagle Ridge rushed out.

At this time, a trumpet sounded, bypassing the Imperial Army ambushed behind the Eagle Ridge, swarmed up and shouted for killing.

The battle is finally over. In the camp, the deputy general reported the results of the war. The Luo family army ambushed was completely destroyed, four monkeys were caught, and the gongs and drums were also picked up. The soldiers posing as Shangshu were chopped into meat sauce, and the golden armour was damaged. Liu Zifeng laughed and said, “these traitors use monkeys as bait and beat the gongs and drums of Changbanpo. They think they scratch my itch and want to kill me. Who am I? How can I be easily fooled? Ha ha!”

The deputy general nodded and said, “Your Excellency is wise!” Liu Zifeng waved his hand and squeezed out a voice from his nostrils, “go and bring the monkeys up.”

Four monkeys were tied and led into the camp. Liu Zifeng asked someone to put the gongs and drums in front of the monkeys and said with a smile, “don’t you know the idea of gongs and drums in Changbanpo? Knock it for me?” the deputy general pulled out his sword and shouted, “please obey quickly and be careful to cut off your monkey’s head.” it’s also strange. The monkeys seem to understand people’s words. They quickly picked up the gongs and drums and beat them. It’s really like a model. After a while, they put down their gongs and drums and began to bow to Liu Zifeng.

Liu Zifeng laughed, pointed to the big monkey and said to the master, “this monkey is a little strange. It’s too big. The other three monkeys follow its movements. Is it the monkey king?” the master whispered: “Sir, the big monkey is very cunning. According to the soldiers, it’s the one who led your double into the pit. In my opinion, it’s the most appropriate to follow the local law to avoid trouble.” Liu Zifeng waved his hand and said, “thanks to the remaining evils of the rebels, I took great pains to cultivate such fun monkeys. If I don’t accept it, will I live up to their efforts? What evil can little monkeys produce? I can turn the sky by locking them in an iron cage?”

Back in the capital, in his spare time, Liu Zifeng still sang operas with his family drama team for fun. Liu Zifeng was born as a dramatist. More than ten years ago, he followed the drama team to make a living in the capital. His best skill was to play Zhao Zilong in Changbanpo. His tall and straight figure, solid foundation and clear singing often win the applause of the whole hall. Slowly, Liu Zifeng became the pillar of the opera team. As long as he performed the Beijing Opera Changbanpo, the scene was almost full.

On this day, a man dressed as an official and gentry came to the theatre with several followers. After watching Liu Zifeng’s performance, he couldn’t help standing up, cheering and clapping, and went backstage to talk to Liu Zifeng after removing his makeup. The next day, a group of bodyguards suddenly invited Liu Zifeng into the palace to perform Zhao Zilong in Changbanpo. Liu Zifeng learned that the officials and gentry dressed up yesterday was the Emperor today. The emperor is also a theater fan. He often dresses up and goes to see plays in major theaters. After watching the play for several years, I am in favor of Liu Zifeng’s appearance.

Since then, Liu Zifeng has become a royal actor, playing Zhao Zilong to the emperor. One spring festival, the emperor was watching Liu Zifeng’s performance. The minister came in and handed him a military emergency report. It turned out that the border civil commotion, the local army lost day by day, and asked the court for help. The emperor was in a good mood, pointed to Liu Zifeng and said, “I have general Zhao Zilong. It’s nothing to say that there are only rebels!” in this way, Liu Zifeng became a general of bandits and was sent to calm the rebellion.

Fortunately, after reading the romance of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Zifeng knew that there was an ambush on all sides, so he ordered to kill the enemy with an ambush on all sides. There are a group of military teachers and soldiers under my hand. Naturally, I will arrange everything properly. Unexpectedly, this battle was won, and the rebels lost their strength. Slowly, the rebellion was put down. Liu Zifeng was appointed by the emperor to the Ministry of war. Within a few years, he was promoted to the post of minister of the Ministry of war.

The draught never forgets the well digger. When Liu Zifeng developed, he kept the original drama team in his house and rehearsed Changbanpo with them in his spare time. It’s not that Liu Zifeng can’t let go of singing, but that the emperor can’t let go of Zhao Zilong he plays. As soon as the emperor was free, he came to Liu Zifeng’s house and asked him to perform Zhao Zilong to pass the time. Since the emperor likes it, Liu Zifeng naturally strives for perfection and does not dare to slack off.

On this day, Liu Zifeng sang Changbanpo with the troupe. Listening to the idea of gongs and drums urging him to play, he suddenly remembered the four monkeys and asked people to move them from the back garden with iron cages.

The servants put iron cages on the stage and brought gongs and drums. Wearing Zhao Zilong’s costume, Liu Zifeng sang, “come on, monkey cubs, beat with the master quickly.” sure enough, under the leadership of the big monkeys, four monkeys beat Zhao Zilong’s gongs and drums. Liu Zifeng stepped on the drum, held a silver gun, posed and paced out. The people of the play team saw a strange scene and applauded one after another. Liu Zifeng had a good time. Unfortunately, the monkeys could only barely beat the half court. At the back, the rhythm was all chaotic. Even so, it’s amazing. Liu Zifeng slowly fell in love with the monkeys. As long as he rehearsed with the play team, he had to play with the monkeys first.

In the twinkling of an eye, the emperor and his concubines ate moon cakes and enjoyed the bright moon for a while. When they became addicted to drama, they drove to Liu Zifeng’s house. Liu Zifeng hurried to meet the emperor, asked the emperor to sit down under the stage, called the drama team and began the performance of Changbanpo. The emperor waved his hand and said, “Liu Aiqing, I heard that the monkey you adopted can play gongs and drums. I might as well open my eyes.”

Liu Zifeng quickly knelt down and said, “tell the emperor that it’s all nonsense. I’m afraid it will humiliate the emperor.” the emperor waved and said it’s okay. Liu Zifeng ordered to be carried into the iron cage. As expected, the monkeys beat well. Liu Zifeng stepped on the idea of gongs and drums and played Zhao Zilong. The emperor was so happy that he couldn’t help dancing and laughing.

After the performance, the emperor still felt that he was not happy and had to repeat it. Liu Zifeng asked Liu Zifeng to let the monkeys sit out and put an iron cage beside the platform, which hindered the view. Liu Zifeng acted according to his will and resumed the performance.

Liu Zifeng stepped on the gongs and drums. When he was reciting his words, he suddenly saw a big monkey jumping on Liu Zifeng. Liu Zifeng screamed and fell on the stage. The bodyguards rushed to the stage and took the big monkey. The big monkey holds a gong and mallet in his hand. One end of the gong and mallet is in the shape of a dagger. It turns out that the gong and mallet have a hidden mechanism. After rotating the mallet head, it is a dagger. The monkey smiled strangely and said to the twitching Liu Zifeng, “treacherous man, didn’t you expect that the plot of Eagle Ridge is just paving the way, and I’m the real killer.” then he looked up and shouted, “father, generals of Luo family army, I’ll avenge you! Ha ha!”

After Liu Zifeng died and was carried down, the emperor personally tried the big monkey. The big monkey is also cheerful. It’s all recruit. He was Luo Xinshu, Luo Tiejian’s youngest son. When his father was killed, he was less than one year old and was carried away by his mother. However, Liu Zifeng killed them all, and the rest of the Luo family army was encircled and suppressed many times, with almost no place to hide. Luo’s house keeps a Jianghu warlock named Huang Laodian. He says that only after Liu Zifeng is removed can the rest of Luo’s army survive, so he takes Luo Xinshu away. At this time, Luo Xinshu was only two years old.

Huang Laodian fed Luo Xinshu Pills and locked him in a cave to live with monkeys. Because of drugs, Luo Xinshu is not only as thin as a monkey, but also can no longer grow tall. His behavior is no different from that of a monkey. Later, Huang Laodian operated on Luo Xinshu and sewed a monkey skin. Luo Xinshu became a big monkey. It’s hard to tell if you don’t look closely. Huang Laodian taught Luo Xinshu and three little monkeys to practice the gongs and drums of Changbanpo, then sent them to Eagle Ridge and carefully planned a plan of revenge.

The emperor looked at Luo Xinshu’s monkey. He didn’t think it was just a teenager. Thinking that monkeys can talk to people, it’s funny. The emperor said, “Luo Xinshu, I’ll rehabilitate your father and Luo’s army. However, you have to go into the palace to make me happy.” Luo Xinshu said, “emperor, it’s just because you play and spoil the Playboy Liu Zifeng that you make the monarch and the minister disobedient and corrupt the court. I’ve taken great revenge. Why do I have to live in a hurry.” then he said, Hit a pillar and died.

The emperor was silent for a long time before he drove back to the palace. From then on, he stopped going to the theatre and rehabilitated Luo Tiejian and the general of Luo Jiajun. The rest of Luo Jiajun served the people on the spot and no longer investigated.

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