Chinese Historical Story: The story of a generation of role models

At the end of the Sui Dynasty, Emperor Chang of the Sui Dynasty was poor, arrogant and extravagant. It was a great success. First, the Grand Canal was dug, and then several expeditions were launched to invade Korea on a large scale. Most of the young men in the country were transferred to build rivers and become soldiers. The land is left uncultivated, taxes and levies increase year by year, the people are in dire straits, and the world is about to go into chaos.

The story of a generation of role models

Li Jing, who was working as a local official in Mayi, Shanxi Province at that time, had a clear understanding of the severe situation of the national situation. Li Jing doesn’t want chaos in the world. He comes to the capital and meets Yang Su, the Duke of Vietnam in charge of military and political power. He plans to persuade Yang Su to come up with ways to stabilize the political situation. After the conversation, Li Jing was deeply disappointed and resigned immediately. Go home and deeply study the war strategy.

Han qiahu, Li Jing’s uncle, was a famous founding General of the Sui Dynasty. He studied Sun Tzu’s art of war and often talked with Li Jing about his experience. After each talk, Han qiahu sighed and praised Li Jing’s views.

Soon, Yang Su died, and his son Yang Xuangan raised troops to rebel. Then, farmers all over the country revolted one after another. Li Jing came to Taiyuan to help Tang Gaozu Li Yuan unify the world.

Later, Emperor Taizong Li Shimin ascended the throne, and Li Jing was transferred from the Minister of punishment to the Minister of war. At that time, the minority Turks and Tuyuhun in the northwest often harassed the border, robbed cattle and horses, and slaughtered people, which became the border trouble of the Tang Dynasty. After Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty calmed down the world, he immediately appointed Li Jing as the general manager of the March, led troops to the northern expedition, and completely lifted the threat of the northwest frontier. Once, Li Jing led only 3000 iron cavalry to win by surprise and drove Turks out of the country. Then, in order to calm the border disease, Li Jing often unified his troops outside, fought more than a hundred battles, made great achievements and was promoted to the Minister of justice.

Seeing that the world was basically calm, Li Jing estimated that there would be no large-scale war in the future. He felt that he was a military general and would not do much in the imperial court. He decided to resign and return to his hometown.

Once, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty sent Li Jing to visit people everywhere. Li Jing refused and said, “I’m a little old. I’m afraid I’ll betray your Majesty’s trust. It’s better to send someone else.”

When Li Jing came home, he wrote his ideas in detail in a memorial and gave them to Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty.

After reading Li Jing’s Memorial, Emperor Taizong felt that the wording was very appropriate, the attitude was very sincere, and he was very moved. He immediately agreed. The next day, he sent a Chinese scholar waiter to convey his will to Li Jing, saying, “I think from ancient times to now, there are too few people who have become senior officials and can be satisfied. No matter smart people or vulgar people, they can hardly know themselves. Some people have little talent, are still nostalgic for power, refuse to resign, and are sick. They can’t do anything at all and still occupy high positions. I agree that your resignation will not only fulfill your aspirations, but also build you into a model for people to learn. ”

A generation of model means: a model figure of an era.

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