Chinese Historical Story: The story of chicken singing and dog stealing

Once, Meng Changjun led his guests to the state of Qin. King Zhao of Qin left him to be his prime minister. Meng Changjun dared not offend King Zhao of Qin, so he had to stay. Soon, the ministers advised the king of Qin to say, “it’s bad for the state of Qin to leave Meng Chang. He was born in a royal family and had a fief and family in the state of Qi. How can he really work for the state of Qin?” King Zhao of Qin thought it was reasonable, so he changed his mind and put Meng Chang and his men under house arrest, waiting to find an excuse to kill him.

The story of chicken singing and dog stealing

King Zhao of Thailand has a favorite concubine. As long as the concubine says one, King Zhao will never say two. Meng Changjun sent someone to ask her for help. The concubine agreed, on the condition that she would pay for the unique fox white fur (a fur coat made of white fox armpit fur) in the state of Qi. This is difficult for Meng Changjun, because he presented this fox white fur to King Zhao of Qin just after he arrived in the state of Qin. Just then, a door said, “I can find fox white fur!” and left.

It turns out that this doorman is best at drilling dog holes and stealing. He first found out the situation and knew that the king of Zhao loved the fox fur very much. He was reluctant to wear it for a moment and put it in the boutique storage room in the palace. In the moonlight, he escaped the patrol’s eyes and easily got into the storage room to steal the fur. The concubine was very happy to see Hu baiqiu. She tried to persuade King Zhao of Qin to give up the idea of killing Prince mengchang, and prepared to farewell him in two days and send him back to the state of Qi.

Meng Chang didn’t dare to wait another two days. He immediately led his men to secretly ride to the East all night. It was midnight when we arrived at Hangu pass (now Lingbao County, Henan Province, which was the east gate of the state of Qin at that time). According to the laws and regulations of the state of Qin, Hangu pass opens only when the chicken crows every day. How can the chicken crow in the middle of the night? When everyone was worried, they only heard a few “Oh, oh, oh” cocks crowing, and then all the cocks outside the city gate crowed. It turned out that another disciple of Lord Meng chang would learn to crow, and the chicken would immediately follow the first crow. Why did the chicken crow before he slept? Although the soldiers guarding the customs felt strange, they had to get up, open the door and let them out.

At dawn, King Zhao of Qin learned that mengchang and his party had fled and immediately sent people and horses to catch up. After catching up with Hangu pass, people have been out of the pass for a long time.

Meng Changjun fled back to the state of Qi with the help of a man of chicken singing and dog stealing.

The meaning of chicken singing and dog stealing is: singing: barking; Thief: steal. A trivial skill. It also refers to sneaky behavior.

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