Chinese Historical Story: The Story of Covering the Ears and Stealing the Bell

During the Spring and Autumn period, Zhi Bo, a nobleman of Jin, destroyed Fan’s family. Someone took the opportunity to run to Fan’s house to steal something and saw a big bell hanging in the courtyard. The bell was made of fine bronze with exquisite shapes and patterns. The thief was so happy that he wanted to carry the beautiful bell back to his home. But the bell is big and heavy, how can not move. He thought about it, there is only one way, that is, to crack the bell, and then move home separately.

The Story of Covering the Ears and Stealing the Bell

The thief found a big hammer, desperately smashed towards the clock, bang a loud sound, he was a big surprise. The thief panicked, thinking this is bad, this sound is not the same as telling people that I am here to steal the clock? He was in a hurry, his body jumped on the bell, opened his arms to cover the bell, but the bell and how to cover it! The bell still sounded longingly into the distance.

The more he listened, the more frightened, different free to draw back his hands, and forcefully cover their ears. “Hey, the sound of the bell has become smaller, can not hear!” The thief became happy, “Great! Cover your ears can not hear the sound of the bell!” He immediately found two cloth ball, the ears plugged, thinking, now no one can not hear the bell. So he let go of the bell and smashed it, one by one, and the sound of the bell reached far away. People heard the bell and swarmed to catch the thief.

The meaning of “to cover one’s ears and steal the bell” is: to deceive oneself, to think of ways to cover up what one cannot cover up.

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