Chinese Historical Story: The story of outstanding people

On the ninth Double Ninth Festival in September 663, governor Yan of Hongzhou hosted a grand banquet at the newly completed Tengwang Pavilion. All local celebrities were invited to attend.

Wang Bo happened to pass by and was invited to attend. Because he was only fourteen, he was placed in an inconspicuous seat. Yan Dudu’s son-in-law was good at writing articles. Yan Dudu asked him to write a preface in advance in order to show off in public.

The story of outstanding people
When everyone was drunk, governor Yan stood up and said, “today, the literati and refined scholars in Hongzhou gathered together. You can’t write down this event without an article. You are all celebrities today. Please write Fu as the preface, so that the Tengwang Pavilion and the wonderful article will last forever. After talking, the waiter will put paper and pen in front of the people.

But everyone pushed around, and no one started writing. Later, when they pushed them to Wang Bo, Wang Bo Jing took down the paper and pen and bowed his head for meditation. After a while, Wang Bo rolled up his cuffs and waved a brush to write a book. Governor Yan was not very happy when he saw that it was a young man who started writing. He went out of the hall, looked at the river view by the railing, and asked his attendants to copy the sentences written by Wang Bo at any time.

After a while, the attendant copied the opening sentence of the preface to King Teng’s Pavilion: “Nanchang old county, Hongdu new house. The stars have light wings and the ground connects Henglu.” Tengyu Pavilion used to be under the jurisdiction of Nanchang Prefecture, but now it belongs to Hongzhou Prefecture. There are Ji and saddle reclamation above it, and the ground connects Hengshan and Lushan. Governor Yan looked at it and thought it was just a cliche. Everyone can write it and laughed it off. In fact, these 16 words explained the general situation of Nanchang’s history and geography clearly, crisscrossed and did not start writing Fan.

Then, the attendant copied another two sentences, “take three rivers and five lakes, control Manjing and lead zayue.” Governor Yan was a little surprised. He thought that the young man took the three rivers as his skirt and the five lakes as his streamer. He not only controlled the vast Chu land in the south, but also led the plump Yue land in the East. He was very important. He twisted the air of heaven and earth. It was not impossible to write such a bold sentence.

The attendant then copied up a few words and made governor Yan eat and plunder: “things are colorful and heaven’s treasures, the Dragon light shoots at the ruins of cattle fighting; outstanding people, Xu Ru goes down to Chen Fan’s bed.” It turned out that Wang Bo used two allusions here. The former allusion is that the essence of the matter is that there are treasures in the sky. The light of the Longquan sword is directly between the twenty-eight lodging houses and the cattle lodging in the heavens. It means that there are odd treasures in Hong Zhou. The latter allusion is that the Nanchang people in the Eastern Han Dynasty were poor and unwilling to be officials, but they were very good friends with Chen Shou. It means that Hongzhou has outstanding talents.

The more he saw it, the more he admired it. He repeatedly praised “wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful articles are rare!” he would never let his son-in-law take out the preface written in advance. After Wang Bo finished writing, he walked up to governor Yan and said humbly, “I hope governor Du will give advice on the work of making a fool of himself.” governor Yan was happy. He said, “you are really a genius today!” So he took his seat again. Governor Jing regarded Wang Bo as a guest of honor and sat with him in person.

Outstanding people mean that when outstanding people are born or have been to, their place will become a scenic spot.

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