Chinese Historical Story: The story of the courage of a man

In the spring and Autumn period, Gou Jian, king of Yue, was defeated by Fu Chai, king of Wu. He was imprisoned in the state of Wu for three years and suffered all the humiliation. after returning home, he was determined to make self-improvement and determined to restore the country.

The story of the courage of a man

Ten years later, the country of Yue was rich and the people were strong, and the soldiers and horses were strong. The soldiers and men once again asked Gou Jian to fight: “the king, the people in all directions of the country of Yue, love you as much as they love their parents. Now, the son will avenge their parents, and the minister will avenge the monarch. Please give another order and fight to the death with the state of Wu.”

Gou Jian agreed to the soldiers’ request for war, called the army and the Turks together, expressed his determination to them and said: “I’ve heard that the wise kings in ancient times were not worried about the lack of soldiers, but worried about the lack of self-improvement spirit of soldiers. I don’t want you to rely on your own courage without wisdom. I hope you can move forward and retreat in unison. When you move forward, you should think that you will be rewarded, and when you retreat, you should think that you will be punished. In this way, you will get the reward you deserve. If you don’t listen to orders, you don’t know how to retreat Shame will be punished. ”

When the time came to set out for the war, the people of the state of Yue encouraged each other. Everyone said, who can not die for such a monarch? Because the fighting spirit of all the soldiers was very high, they finally defeated Fu Chai, king of Wu and destroyed the state of Wu.

Courage of a man means that one does not rely on wisdom, but on one’s own courage.

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