Chinese Historical Story: The Story of the Painted Dragon

In the Liang Dynasty, there was a very famous painter named Zhang Singyao. One day, Emperor Wu of Liang asked Zhang to paint four golden dragons on the wall of a temple.


It took him three days to paint them, and they looked very much like real dragons. When people heard about it, they all went to see it and let out a gush of admiration. However, when people took a closer look, they found that each dragon had no eyes. Zhang Shenhao explained, “If I add eyes to the dragons, they will fly away!”


The Story of the Painted Dragon


People did not believe him and insisted that he add eyes. Zhang had no choice but to add eyes to the two dragons. A strange phenomenon occurred: the two dragons flew up into the sky with a bang!


The moral of “drawing the eyes of the dragon“: drawing the eyes of the dragon means that if you catch the key of the problem, you can solve it.

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