Chinese Historical Story: The story of waiting for a rabbit

It is said that in the Warring States period, in the state of song, there was a farmer who worked at sunrise and rested at sunrise. When he met a good year, he just had enough to eat and wear warm clothes; In case of famine, he will be hungry. He wants to improve his life, but he is too lazy and timid. He is lazy and afraid to do anything. He always wants to encounter unexpected money sent to the door.

The story of waiting for a rabbit

A miracle finally happened. One day in late autumn, he was ploughing in the field and there were people hunting around. The cry fluctuated everywhere, and the frightened little beast ran desperately. Suddenly, a rabbit, impartial, crashed into the root of a tree near his field.

He had a good meal that day.

From then on, he stopped farming. All day long, guard the magical roots and wait for miracles.

Waiting for a rabbit means: it is a metaphor for sticking to narrow experience and not being flexible.

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