Chinese Historical Story: Three lucky stories

In the Tang Dynasty, there was a monk named guoze, who had profound attainments in Buddhism and was very close to his friend Li Yuanshan. One day, they were traveling together. When they passed a place, they saw a woman drawing water by the river. The woman had a big stomach and was pregnant.

Three lucky stories

Yuanze pointed to the woman and said to Li Yuanshan: “This woman has been pregnant for three years, waiting for me to reincarnate and be her son, but I have been avoiding it. Now I see her, and I can’t avoid it any more. Three days later, the woman has given birth. At that time, please go to her house and see if the baby smiles at you, it’s me. Take this smile as a voucher! Wait until the thirteenth year, the middle of the year On a moonlit night in autumn, I’ll wait for you at Tianzhu temple in Hangzhou. Let’s meet again then. “After they parted, baoyuantan died on that day and night. At the same time, the pregnant woman also gave birth to a boy.

On the third day, if Li Yuanshan took care of yuanze, he went to the woman’s house to visit. The baby really smiled at the ground. On the moon night of the Mid Autumn Festival 13 years later, Li Yuanshan arrived at Tianzhu temple as scheduled to visit. As soon as he arrived at the gate of the temple, he saw a shepherd boy sitting on the back of a cow and singing, saying: “The soul of old love on Sansheng stone, don’t talk about appreciating the moon and singing the wind. Ashamed lovers visit each other from a distance, although the opposite sex often exists.”

Now ordinary people usually refer to those who have a special fate, or friends who meet in an accidental opportunity or in a special environment, become confidants, and can help themselves, so they are known as “lucky in three lives”.

Three lucky means: metaphor is very lucky.

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