Chinese Historical Story: Xu Jie takes the initiative to admit his mistake

In the second year of Jiajing of Ming Dynasty, Xu Jie was awarded the title of editor of Hanlin Academy. After a short time, he went to supervise politics as a Hanlin.

One day, Xu Jie came to a county to check the test papers of candidates. At that time, an examinee quoted a sentence “Yan kukong Zhizhuo” in the article. After seeing it, Xu Jie couldn’t think of the source of this sentence. Finally, he wrote the word “fabricated” on the examinee’s test paper, and listed the examinee’s article as “fourth class”.

Chinese Historical Story

When the test paper was handed out, the candidate was very dissatisfied with the comments written by Xu Jie. He immediately found Xu Jie and said frankly, “your other advice is very good. I accept it with an open mind, but the sentence ‘Yan Ku Kong Zhizhuo’ was not invented by me, but has some origin. If you don’t believe it, you can check the FA Yan written by Yangzi on the spot , there is this sentence. ”

At that time, many examiners were present. We didn’t know how Xu Jie would face such embarrassment.

Xu Jie was not a bit embarrassed. After hearing the question, he immediately stood up, first saluted the examinee, and then said, “I’m too young and lack of knowledge, so I made such mistakes and omissions. I really appreciate your advice, and I humbly accept your criticism.” then he took the examinee’s test paper and changed the original “fourth class” to “first class”.

Xu Jie’s initiative to admit his mistake has won everyone’s praise.

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