Chinese Historical Story: Young Kangxi captured aobai

Emperor Kangxi was only eight years old when he ascended the throne. According to Emperor Shunzhi’s edict, four Manchu ministers helped him deal with state affairs, which was called the assistant minister. One of the four assistant ministers, aobai, relied on himself to control military power and bullied Emperor Kangxi’s young, arbitrary and arbitrary. When other ministers disagreed with him, they were ostracized.

After the Qing Dynasty entered the customs, it encircled a large area of farmers’ land by means of coercion and distributed it to the Eight Banners aristocrats. After aobai took power, he expanded the land occupation and forced other people’s good land with bad land, which was opposed by local officials. Aobai falsely accused these officials of treachery and executed three local officials who opposed him.

Young Kangxi captured aobai

When Emperor Kangxi turned 14, he was in power himself. At this time, another deputy minister suksaha and aobai had a dispute. Aobai harbors a grudge, colludes with his party and falsely accuses suksaha of committing a great crime. He asks Emperor Kangxi to put suksaha to death. Emperor Kangxi refused to approve. Aobai quarreled with Emperor Kangxi in the court hall. Later, he raised his sleeves, pulled out his fist and yelled. Emperor Kangxi was very angry, but when he thought that aobai was not a small force, he had to endure temporarily and let him kill suksaha.

Since then, Emperor Kangxi was determined to get rid of aobai. He sent a group of teenage noble children as bodyguards, all of whom were strong and powerful. Emperor Kangxi kept them around and practiced wrestling every day.

When aobai went to the palace, he often saw these teenagers wrestling noisily in the imperial garden. He just thought it was children’s fun and didn’t care at all.

One day, aobai received an order from Emperor Kangxi to enter the palace alone to discuss state affairs. Aobai went into the palace as usual. Just as he stepped into the threshold of the inner palace, suddenly a group of teenagers rushed up and surrounded aobai, some wringing their arms and some dragging their thighs. Although aobai was born as a military general and had great strength, these young people were many and had practiced wrestling. Aobai could not defeat them and was knocked down at once. Let him shout, and no one will save him.

Aobai was arrested in prison. Emperor Kangxi immediately asked the minister to investigate aobai’s crime. The ministers believed that aobai was domineering, killed innocent people without authorization and committed numerous crimes, which should be executed. Emperor Kangxi gave a lighter trial and changed the official rank of aobai.

Emperor Kangxi used a trick to get rid of aobai, and the imperial court was very happy. Some of the original arrogant ministers knew the power of the young emperor and did not dare to be presumptuous in front of him.

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