Chinese Tale of Legendia: Legend of wolf and white deer

One day, the eldest son of the chief, Chao rumorigen, and his daughter-in-law, NOMIN huoa, went out hunting with a few hunters on his back. When they arrived in the woods by the mengguo River, they settled the children and sent some hunters out to hunt. The couple were ready to pick up firewood and cook. Normin huoa was bitten to death by a tiger while picking wild vegetables. Hearing the scream of NOMIN huoa, he ran to rumorigen not far away. He was bitten to death by the tiger before fighting with the tiger.

In the evening, the child under the tree cried loudly because of hunger. The cry attracted a female wolf. The female wolf came forward, looked around the child repeatedly, sniffed around, and took him to the cave on the hillside nearby. This cave is the nest of the female wolf. The cub under the female wolf has just been eaten by other animals, and its breasts are unbearable. At this time, seeing the child, the wolf’s motherhood was aroused, so he fed him with full milk. Fed by the female wolf, the child grew up gradually. The female wolf and the child also had feelings and took care of each other.

Legend of wolf and white deer

The man who came out to hunt went back and told the chief that his eldest son, daughter-in-law and children were missing. He only found the relics and saw blood and tiger footprints. In a hurry, the chief immediately took the group to the mengguo River to find the child. After nine days and nine nights, he still couldn’t find it. He returned to the station disappointed.

One night a few years later, Hu and Mo rigen sitting in the immortal column were very confused. At this time, Lok Shuo shaman quietly came in and said to him, “Dear chief, just after I finished praying and divination, a golden light suddenly flashed in front of me and shot into the immortal column. I haven’t met such a strange elephant. I feel that the eternal day will give you a noble gift. There must be God’s help. There will be a great harvest in hunting tomorrow. ” The next day, before dawn, the chief and his second son, hulchamorigen, went into the valley to hunt. The hunting circle is getting smaller and smaller, including roe deer, deer, wolves, bears, tigers and leopards. Suddenly, a female wolf flew out of the hunting circle and looked back as she ran. The chief was surprised and felt something strange. He led his men to catch up quickly. After chasing several mountains to the foot of a mountain, the female wolf suddenly ran to the cave halfway up the mountain and drilled in. After a while, the female wolf came out of the hole, followed by a boy with long hair, thick eyebrows and big eyes, half bent upper body and no obstruction. The female wolf was neither afraid nor walked away. She leaned close to the child and licked the boy’s cheek with her tongue from time to time. On the contrary, the child looked at the crowd in great fear, hugged the female wolf’s neck tightly and howled like a wolf. The chief leaned closer and closer, and found that the child’s cheeks were very similar to his long lost eldest son Chao rumorigen, and his eyes were like his daughter-in-law NOMIN huoa. Without any doubt, the chief went over and picked up the child. He suddenly found a thumb sized green mole on the child’s back waist, which was a mark he had already known and deeply branded in his heart. The chief hugged his grandson tightly and burst into tears. All the people present burst into tears. The female wolf on one side also seemed to understand people’s wishes. She leaned against the chief and moaned in a low voice. The chief didn’t know what to say. He looked at the female wolf friendly and grateful, stroked the female wolf from time to time, and immediately ordered his subordinates to pile up the prey at the mouth of the cave to thank the female wolf for raising her grandson. Later, he ordered the cave to be called “menggol Agui” (Mongolian cave), and announced that no ethnic group would be allowed to hunt in this valley in the future, let alone fight wolves. Every time he hunts, he specially passes by here and puts the animals he hunts in the cave.

When the chief returned, he named his grandson bo’erte chi’na (gray wolf) and tried his best to cultivate him, teaching him talking and walking, hunting skills, celestial recognition, skiing skills, tribal rules and so on. Gradually growing up, Bertie Chi has a strong physique and boundless strength. She climbs mountains and rocks with flying steps and shoots arrows. Bertie China also has a habit. Whenever he hears the wolf howling in the valley at night, he will run out quickly and follow the wolf howling. Sometimes he runs very far and doesn’t come back for a long time. Even if he comes back, he will burst into tears. He didn’t forget the wolf mother, and the wolf mother often came to see him.

After decades, the chief felt old. He proposed that Bertie China replace him as the new chief of the tribe. The elders and warriors of the tribe unanimously agreed. A young man named niekun, who lives in the nernisne Valley tribe, said: we can’t break the rules and make someone a new chief at will. We should try. I’m willing to compete with him. Whoever wins is the new chief. The chief agreed and stood up and said: there is a white reindeer in montgol mountain. Every time it hunts, it can leap and escape from the hunting circle smoothly. Today, you two go into the mountain and hunt white reindeer within ten days. Whoever can hunt is the new chief. Bo erti Chi na and Nie Kun have a very good relationship. They play together since childhood and often go hunting together when they grow up. They have a high prestige in the tribe. The next day, they went into the virgin forest and looked for white reindeer separately. On the ninth day, no one saw the white reindeer. On that day, the two came together.

The two brothers greeted each other and talked about their experience of looking for white reindeer. No one saw white reindeer. Just at this time, a white shadow suddenly flashed through the woods in front of me. When I looked carefully, it was a white deer. Before they had time to prepare their horses, they boarded the boar skin ski and went down the mountain, chasing after the white deer. After crossing several mountains, Nie Kun began to run. Bertie Gina still went straight ahead, pursued her relentlessly, and felt no fatigue.

Bertie China followed the trail of the white deer. When he reached a turn in the middle reaches of the mengole River, the white deer disappeared. He continued to follow the footprints left by the White Deer in the snow. Suddenly, a beautiful girl flashed in front of her eyes. Bertie China thought she was tired and hungry and had an illusion. She quickly calmed down and looked again. She was really a beautiful girl. Wearing a snow-white fur jacket and a snow-white round hat, she curled up quietly under a big tree, shivering with cold, and her expression showed a sense of fear and help, as if only he could save her in the world. He took off his fur coat and put it on the girl. He gently picked up the girl and said to her, “you are a divine deer given to me by the God of longevity. Later, I will call you huo’ai malanle (miserable white deer). Please be my wife.” The girl nodded.

With huo’e maranle on her back, she boarded the snowboard and met niekun on her way back. The three returned to erguine Kun tribal camp together. People call the place where huo’e malanle was found by the Qiyan River malanle (meaning white deer island).

The news that Bertie China found the white deer and married the White Deer girl spread all over the surrounding Shiwei tribe. He solemnly accepted the recommendation of the tribe and became the new chief of the muwei tribe. Huo’e maranle gave birth to many children for chief Bolte China. In addition to hunting, the loving couple often go to malanle alale (white deer island) for leisure and fun.

One day, Bertie China led the tribe to the foot of montgol mountain to hunt in the engeren River, a tributary of the Qiyan river. Engeren estuary is the camp of ongjila tribe. They are kind and peaceful by nature. They never have disputes and wars with the surrounding tribes. They are good neighbors of the surrounding tribes. In the evening, tribal hunters camped around a campfire in the woods along the engeren river. In the middle of the night, I only heard a wolf howling in the back mountain, which later turned into a group of wolves howling, one after another, which was thrilling. After hearing this for a while, Bertie China knew that the place where the wolf howled was in Yulia valley. Suddenly, he ran like a wild horse sprinkling the reins to the valley, learning to howl while running. The tribal hunters followed him to the valley, and Bertie Chi ran to the end of the valley. The frightened wolves fled everywhere. A wolf stood on the distant hill, looking at Bertie Chi’s howling, and his voice was so low. Bertie Chi recognized his mother wolf at that glance. It turned out that the wolf mother smelled the taste of Bertie China and could no longer restrain her longing for her child. Bertie China darted to the mother wolf. There were only Bertie China and his mother wolf on the hill.

Bertie China hugged mother wolf tightly and burst into tears. It’s been a long time since I saw her. The wolf mother’s face is old and old. When she saw Bertie China, she sniffed him from top to bottom, kissed her son’s cheek from time to time, and two lines of tears came down involuntarily. Holding mother wolf in her arms, Bertie China stroked her shriveled and skinny body again and again, feeling restless for a long time. The hunters all gathered around and wept at the sight of Bertie China meeting his mother wolf. After a long time, Bertie Gina suddenly felt that the mother wolf was quiet. When she looked carefully, the mother wolf had died in her arms. Its expression was so peaceful, as if it had ended a major event in his life. Bertie Chi knelt down on her knees and cried loudly with her mother wolf in her arms. All the people knelt down together, and the valley was full of sadness. Bertie China took a piece of fat and put it in the wolf’s mother’s mouth, cut off the tip of the wolf’s tail and put it on the wolf’s mother’s head. I hope she can be a human being in the afterlife and become his mother again. Bertie China buried mother wolf.

In the morning, Bertie China and several leaders sat on the stone at the foot of the hillside. They were not in the mood to drink tea and eat meat. The past was like a dream. The entourage found a strange stone. An elder said it was an iron stone. He turned it into an arrow and a sword. Everyone immediately piled firewood and blew the fire hard. The stone was burned red, melted and turned into molten iron. Once again, Bertie China knelt down at the grave of mother wolf and thanked her for giving him such a heavy gift before she died.

Since then, the wolf has become the totem of the boltie Chi na Qiyan tribe.

Later, the Mongols and their descendants conquered the heroes, calmed the grasslands and villages, flattened the Eurasian continent with horseshoes, and established the great Mongolian Empire with the largest territory in human history, making unprecedented contributions to the formation and development of today’s Eurasian countries and nations.

This is the true legend of wolf and white deer, and it is also the source of the story of wolf totem.

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