Historical Story: a blessing in disguise

During the Warring States period, there was an old man named Sai Weng. He kept many horses. One day, one of the horses suddenly got lost. When the neighbors heard this, they all came to comfort him. Don’t worry too much. Pay more attention to his health when he is old. Seeing someone comforting, Sai Weng smiled and said, “the loss of a horse is not big. Maybe it will bring luck.”

 a blessing in disguise

The neighbors felt funny when they heard Saiweng’s words. The loss of the horse was obviously a bad thing, but he thought it might be a good thing. It was obviously just self consolation. But after a few days, the lost horse not only came home automatically, but also brought back a fine horse.

When the neighbor heard that the horse had come back, he admired Sai Weng’s foresight very much and congratulated Sai Weng: “you are still visionary. You not only haven’t lost the horse, but also brought back a good horse. It’s really lucky.”

After hearing the congratulations from his neighbors, Sai Weng didn’t look happy at all. He said anxiously, “it’s not necessarily a blessing to get a good horse for nothing. Maybe he’s causing some trouble.”

The neighbors thought that his posturing was purely the cunning of the old man. I was obviously happy and deliberately didn’t say it.

Saiweng has an only son who likes riding very much. He found that the horse he brought back looked forward to life, with long hooves, loud neighing, fat and fierce. He knew it was a good horse at a glance. He rode out every day and was proud.

One day, he was a little too happy. He hit the horse and galloped. He stumbled, fell off the horse’s back and broke his leg. The neighbors heard that they came to offer condolences.

Sai Weng said, “it’s nothing. Maybe it’s lucky that he broke his leg and saved his life.” the neighbors thought he was talking nonsense again. They can’t think of any luck in breaking their leg.

Soon, the Hun soldiers invaded on a large scale, and the young people were enlisted. Sai Weng’s son couldn’t be a soldier because he broke his leg. All the young people who joined the army died in the war, but Sai Weng’s son saved his life.

A bleeding in disorder means:The metaphor is that although you suffer a loss for a while, you may benefit from it. It also means that a bad thing can become a good thing under certain conditions.

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