Historical Story: A catch all story

Prince Yi Wu and Prince Chong Er of Jin are two brothers. With the help of the state of Qin and the state of Qi, Yiwu ascended the throne, which is the Duke of Jin Hui. However, the ministers of Huigong were divided into two groups. The group supporting Huigong was led by quemao and LV province. Rick and PI Zheng were the leaders of the group that secretly supported Chonger. But these people are meritorious to Duke Jin Huigong. When PI Zheng went to the state of Qin on business, Duke Hui killed Rick. After PI Zheng came back, he was very afraid that he would be killed by Huigong. But there was nothing against him, so he settled down. Of course, he hated Huigong very much in his heart, so he secretly called his colleagues to discuss driving Yiwu away and welcoming the son Chong’er to the throne. One day Tu Anyi came to see PI Zheng. He didn’t see PI Zheng until late at night. PI Zheng asked him what happened. Tu Anyi told him that Duke Hui wanted to kill him, so he asked PI Zheng to save him.

A catch all story

PI Zheng said, “go and ask LV province to save you!” Tu Anyi said, “Lv province is not a good man. I’m going to drink their blood and eat their internal food!” PI Zheng didn’t believe it. Tu Anyi also proposed how to overthrow Huigong. PI Zheng listened and shouted, “who taught you to speak!” Tu Anyi saw that he didn’t believe it, so he had to bite his finger and flow of blood. He swore to heaven, “Lord God, if I have two minds, my whole family will die.” In this way, PI Zheng believed it and plotted with PI Zheng. They wrote a letter to Chong Er asking him to prepare for his return. Ten ministers including PI Zheng, Gong Hua and Tu Anyi signed.

Tu Anyi took the letter with him. The next day, when they went to court, Huigong asked Pizheng, “why do you welcome childe Chong’er?” The people of PI Zheng were surprised. They knew it was bad, and they were bound and softened their heads. The nine ministers who opposed Yiwu were all caught.

The meaning of catching all in one net is: it means to catch all or eliminate all without leakage.

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