Historical Story: A crowded story

During the Warring States period, Zou Ji, the Prime Minister of the state of Qi, was tall and dignified. In order to persuade the king of Qi Wei to open his mouth and encourage the ministers to give advice, he told the king of Qi Wei such a story:

One morning, he put on his imperial dress, put on his hat, looked in the mirror, and then asked his wife, “who is handsome compared with Duke Xu in the north of the city?” you are very handsome. How can Duke Xu compare with you? “The wife said.

 A crowded story

Duke Xu was a famous beautiful man in the state of Qi. Zou Ji listened to his wife’s work and didn’t dare to believe that he was really more handsome than Duke Xu, so he asked his concubine again. She replied, “how can Duke Xu compare with you?”

The next day, a guest came to Zou Ji’s house. Zou Ji asked the guest again. The guest said, “how can you be so handsome, Duke Xu?” a few days later, Duke Xu happened to visit Zou Ji’s house. Zou Ji took the opportunity to carefully look at Duke Xu and compare him with himself. As a result, he found that he was not as beautiful as Duke Xu.

So he said to king Qi Wei: “I was not as beautiful as Duke Xu, but my wife, concubine and guests all said I was more beautiful than him. This is because my wife favors me, my concubine is afraid of me, and the guests ask me for something, so they all flatter me and don’t tell the truth. However, the Qi country is so big that no one in the palace favors you, no one in the Manchu Dynasty is afraid of you, and no one in the whole country wants your care. It seems that those who flatter you There must be more, you must have been seriously hoodwinked! “Zou Ji advised:” now the state of Qi is thousands of miles away, there are many cities, the king has much more contacts than me, and he must have been hoodwinked more. If the king can solicit opinions openly, it will be beneficial to the country. “King Qi Wei thought it was very reasonable and immediately ordered to say “Whoever can point out my fault face to face will be rewarded; whoever plays a chapter to persuade me will be rewarded; whoever discusses my fault in the court or the market and reaches my ears will be rewarded!” ordered. The flow of officials who go to advise is endless, and the gate of the court is as lively as the market every day.

It means that there are a lot of people in front of the door and in the yard, just like the market. Originally, there were a lot of people advising. Now, there are a lot of people, very lively.

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