Historical Story: A crushing story

In the Qin Dynasty, the magistrate of Peixian County called Liu Bang, the head of Surabaya Pavilion, to escort a group of people to Lishan to do hard work; Unexpectedly, on the way, Liu Bang ran away one after another. Liu Bang thought: if this goes on, he will run away without waiting for Lishan. He will inevitably be punished. He thought about it and simply released those who didn’t escape. He and some people who didn’t want to go hid in the mountain at the junction of Mang and Yang counties.

A crushing story

In the first year of Qin II, Chen Sheh fought against Qin in daze Township and claimed to be the king of Chu. Peixian Ling wanted to belong to him. Xiao He and Cao Shen, his subordinates, suggested: “you are the county magistrate of the Qin Dynasty. Now you betray the Qin Dynasty. I’m afraid some people won’t accept it. You’d better call Liu Bang back and coerce those who don’t accept it. That’s easy.” Peixian ordered fan Lu to invite Liu Bang immediately. But when Liu Bang came back, Peixian ordered him to see that he had nearly 100 people. He was afraid that he would not obey his command and regretted again. So he ordered to close the gate of the city and prevent Liu Bang from entering the city. Liu Bang wrote a letter outside the city. Captain Jian tied it to the city’s parents and asked the parents of Peixian county to kill the county magistrate and fight against the Qin Dynasty together to preserve their wealth. The elders really killed the county magistrate, opened the city gate, welcomed Liu Bang into Pei county and asked him to be the county magistrate. Liu Bang said humbly:

“The world situation is very tense. If the county magistrate’s selection is not arranged properly, it will be a” complete failure “. Please choose someone else later!” But in the end, Liu Bang became a county magistrate, called Peigong.

“A complete failure” originally means that once it is broken, it will be painted on the ground. But later generations have been using it to explain the uncontrollable situation after failure. For example, a businessman blindly sells inferior goods for immediate profits, but consumers are not fooled. Therefore, the merchant’s goods are stagnant and the turnover is ineffective, resulting in a “total failure” and out of control. Another example is a team, because the players do not cooperate closely and encounter setbacks, they are in a hurry, so that they “lose everything” out of control.

A complete failure means: it describes failure to an uncontrollable extent.

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